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You certainly proved your own point The first 2 "issues' you went to were drugs and gay marriage Definitely not Conservative How about "if it doesn't break my leg or pick my pocket is none of my concern" philosophy? Look for what can bring others around to libertarianism instead of party purity ( the other 2 groups are often are accused) would go much further in winning in the arena of ideas
These things don't implode, the keep getting resuscitated with more and more money or they get Progressed into something worse ( single payer ) If you're right Derek, then something remarkable has happened in this country But considering the we as a country reelected this Marxist in Chief, I don't see that we've hit bottom and are ready to turn this insanity around
He did not put up a good fight He capitulated and needs to be removed as Speaker #FireBoehner
Faded away? Paul Disciples? Rand maybe, definitely not Ron His foreign policy is too fringe
#intimOgate further documented
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