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The End of Men?

Kelly90 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 8:32 AM
The formal education of boys has taken place for more than 2 thousand years, with girls only being formally educated on a large scale for a little more than a century. The decline in reading and other measures is a direct result of useless methods currently practiced in the classroom. Boys, furthermore, are being left behind because they are constantly punished and chastised for boyish behavior. As for the immature behavior we see in many young men, did we expect anything else when every t.v. show and movie glorifies debauchery, lewd conduct and egotistical behavior?

In her new book, "The End of Men," Hanna Rosin says we are on the verge of matriarchy.

Rosin doesn't exactly celebrate the demise of men, but she is puzzled by men's reluctance to let go of old gender roles: "The women take on new roles with gusto, while the men take them on only reluctantly."

It happens even in the upper classes. Steven, for example, is a househusband for his legal-eagle wife -- at least for now, while he goes to law school. "Hey if you want to win, you put your best batter on the plate,"...

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