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Rep. Jim Moran's Son Resigns From Campaign After Being Caught on Tape Encouraging Voter Fraud

Kel16 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:31 AM
Of course the question here is; how many more Patrick Moran's are out there shaking the weeds for the lunatic Left in order to upset this election in favor of their god, KING Odummbo??? How interesting is it that the loonies, communists, islamofascists, unions, socialists, convicted felons, illegals, and every other form of subversive vermin supports the Democrat Party??

As of yesterday, Patrick Moran was a field director for Democratic Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia, his father. Pat Moran was caught on tape by Project Vertias encouraging the use of fraudulent utility bills to vote under different names, even going so far as saying DNC attorney's would defend doctored and forged utility bills in order to get around Virginia's Voter I.D. law, so long as they looked legitimate. Warning: strong language

"It's gotta look good."

Late yesterday afternoon, Patrick Moran resigned from his...