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LOL!! Yeah, every miniscule thing the LEFT thinks will give them an edge they RUN screaming to courts. Knowing full well their agenda will NEVER pass the voters smell test, they RUN screaming to the courts like little spanked children.
LOL!! So what?? Dismantle and destroy the entire computer, it still doesn't matter! The emails are kept on servers elsewhere. What MORON in lunatic Demonicrat fantasyland doesn't know this???
LOL!! Well, DUH!! Could be they're "hanging on by a thread" because women were never intended to be professionals. The term "women professionals" is one of the biggest oxymorons ever created!!
This is just all part of the grand scheme by the LEFT. Overwhelm the system, every system, until the entire country collapses under the weight of overwhelming numbers. And our dear President Muslim Islamofascist Barry-boy from Kenya is leading the way.
LOL!! Well, DUH! That's news?? The entire planet is suffering as a result of the VACUUM of leadership by America.
LOL!! And the DemoCommies will celebrate as though "Problem solved!" That whole government healthcare bureaucracy for our veterans won't change unless the entire organization is burned to the ground and started over from scratch.
Yeah, just Google her; turns 60 in July, white woman LEFTIST, women's issues HACK from Haavard U. Appointed by KING Barry-boy.
The judge was appointed by President Barry-boy from Kenya, AND the Justice Dept specifically judge-shopped her to preside the case. She's a LEFT-wing HACK that owes her job to her KING, Barry-boy from Kenya. The whole case is simply a TOTAL FARCE!!
LOL!! It requires a VOTE to know this stinking FILTH piece-of-work is in contempt?? How could there possibly be any doubt?? Ridiculous.
LOL!! Those sick FILTH that call themselves 'professors' still blame Bush to this day for WMD in Iraq, totally ignoring the FACT that the United Nations Security Council voted UNANIMOUSLY stating unequivocably that the weapons were there. The LEFT will burn forever in the Eternal Flames for their hypocrisy.
A very special place in the lowest pits of Eternal Flames await these LEFTIST, HATE-FILLED, DEMONICRAT RACIST HYPOCRITES, forever and ever.
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