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The islamofascists are not pouring into America for the opportunities. They're coming with the blessing of President Muslim Islamofascist Barry-boy from Kenya to attack, destroy, bleed the system, and undermine the country.
Oh, yes! The United States armed forces are securely under the grasp and full might of the LEFT. The admirals and generals have all been steeped heavily in LEFTIST ideology, educated in extreme-LEFT universities, and consistently grilled on enforcing the agenda of the extreme LEFT.
Indeed, "Why in the hell does these Liberals waste their time trying to squash people's . . . rights??" The answer is fairly simple: CONTROL. The Demonicrat Party is dedicated to CONTROL over anything and everything in sight. It's how they maintain POWER, and POWER over the masses means virtually everything to them.
It's a beautiful concept to imagine, except for the problem that the LEFT has constructed restictions to ensure that only LEFTIST notions and ideals are demonstrated in the streets. Anything else is treated with aghast by the DemoCommie CONTROLLED media and ruthlessly shut down with prejudice by the enforcement arm of the LEFT, Police Departments.
Any study of ELITISM leads directly to the acknowledgement of FASCIST ideology. All of these Demonicrats, these little Obama's all over the place, are just elitist FILTH that look down their nose (just like King Barry-boy) at anyone not in the all-powerful, wealthy political elite.
Most of which coincides with the upcoming mid-term elections in November and the desire to influence the electorate.
Indeed, even the Federalist Papers are loaded with concern for the _character_ of the President. As long ago as Plato's Republic there has been avid concern for the _character_ of the individual with the responsibility of leader of the nation. KING Barry-boy from Kenya is completely VOID of any _character_ whatsoever!!
LOL!! We need a book to tell us what we've known for years. That jack-filth DemoCommie RACIST Holder is simply disgusting. What else can be said?
LOL!! Horrifying LEFTIST-filth like this Speier FREAK and the rest of those Demonicrat Commies living in their own little Californy fantasyworld are simply DISGUSTING.
Don't do it, Rick [Perry]!! Don't meet with the FILTH that adamantly believes he's KING of the Universe. There won't be any 'talking' except from him. He talks and expects everyone else to listen only to him, His Highness the King Majesty. He's NOT open to any feedback, talk, suggestions, or discussion, whatsoever.
LOL!! Bustin my gut laughin at this racist bureaucrat PUKE! He won't say because; 1) he's just too stupid to know, 2) he's not the one making any decisions (it's ALL Obama), and 3) he just doesn't care whether they're sent anywhere.
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