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Exactly right. Putin loves Russia, Obama loves Islamists.
I will be the first to admit as an American I respect Vladimir Putin far more than the leader of this country. Putin loves his country and is doing what he can to give it strength in world affairs, while our president is doing everything he can to turn the US into as Socialist 3rd world country.
Ok! I'll ask the question. Why Print one when you can buy a hand gun at one tenth the price of the printer? we use to build zip guns in shop class in jr high school using pipe, nails, and rubber bands. so banning a 3d printer schematic means nothing.
Let's move the Statue of Liberty from New York, New Jersey to Arizona or Texas, Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The northeast has become a dictatorship.
Exactly, Congress is an unnecessary expense, They pass a 10 page bill and the bureaucrats write 1000 pages of regulations to inforce it.
Bull! this poll is way off, I'm a conservative republican tea party member, and i wish we had Putin as president instead of this socialist muslim dandy.
Of course she is right. It should be called "Mooching off the workers".
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The Last Stand of the Redskins

KeithP Wrote: Oct 19, 2013 1:33 PM
I say the Minnesota Vikings is a racist term, , How about the Saints, I'm sure some Muslim group doesn't like that. Better yet Just name all the groups after white people, I would go se the new York Honkies play, or the Florida Crackers, How about the Mackerel snappers from new England, Who wants a minority name on a team anyway.... Right Liberals........
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