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The only problem with Christianity is not the wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth, but the church hierarchy since the founding of church doctrine at the First Council of Nicene, who decided to deify and worship Jesus instead of God, who even Jesus stated repeatedly that God is the Father and Creator. The Ten Commandments begins with the declaration that there is only one God - and no one is required to be a mediator.
Totally agree. If there is to be a month set aside for history let it be American History incorporating the history of American immigrants who developed this nation. It is hurtful and insulting how history is disenchanted from reality and truth by the progressives who have taken over our government and are in the midst of dispelling our constitutional laws and destroying our constitutional republic to replace it with a socialist welfare nationalist state. Good article, continue telling it like it is - maybe enough folks will be removed from their indoctrination.
Too bad France no longer has the death penalty and the use of the guillotine.
Indeed, it was decades ago that coal burning industry had special smokestacks (required) installed to ensure limited pollution. A lot of good commentary here to complement the well-written article.
Amen to the "control" phenomenon. You do not have to be a scientist to blow the lid off of this nonsensical consensus. I would say that geological history comes into play here, as well as archaeological. Reading medieval texts revealed the warming period and "little ice age" period of that part of human history. Good, thought-out commentary, friend of John Galt.
It is not only surprising, but disturbing to see so many people in the 21st century believe in something that high school science (history) and common sense can so easily disprove. But then, it is because the federal government has commandeered our educational system, which by constitutional law should be the authority of state and local governments.
Interesting, I will check out the 'duckduckgo' search engine. I too am tired of the Google tracking experience. Thanks.
Agreed, warming is better than an Ice Age. It was warm during the age of dinosaurs who didn't seem to mind and plantlife flourished with species far larger than today. However, the term, consensus, that crude oil is a 'fossil' fuel has finally been disproved. When I was young, I had questioned that theory because how could so much oil be produced from the remains of animal and plant life? Recent discovery has shown that crude oil, like gold, silver, et cetera, is part of the process of pressure and heat within Earth's core. That is far more acceptable than the "fossil" fuel hypothesis-turned-to-fact nonsensical 'scientific' explanation.
Like I wrote about absurdity, ignorance and indoctrination. Problem is, the "deniers" are not denying that there are some climate anomalys, not necessarily 'warming' - but that is blamed on humanity (false consensus) instead of realizing it has been a natural cycle in Earth's history - often more violent. It is as insane as blaming volcanic activity on humanity. Climate change must be dealt with by adapting to it and dealing with it for survival, not wasting time on politically motivated policies based on junk science originally established by one researcher who found his computer model had incorrect input, thus showing incorrect results. Albert Einstein stated (loose quote) that insanity is when problems are addressed with the same solutions that fail, and continuing to use the same failed solutions expecting different results.
Politicians and junk scientists have reached the point of absurdity that they may be believing what they have preached to the mass ... climate change, a natural process over eons, can be changed through funding and legislation. That is more insane that believing that the natural process of climate change (warming and cooling) is something new and unique to the modern world. What IS a problem caused by humanity is pollution, and while this has improved, we need to focus our energy towards the goal to clean up and keep clean our environment. Thanks to the media, no intelligent questioning of the global warming/climate change consensus has occurred. The mainstream media praise junk scientists and slick politicians like Al Gore, proven to be just out to make money over the issue, have not helped in discouraging the waste of funds and energy on something that cannot be altered. It would behoove everyone if they set their minds on how to deal with, survive, and adapt any climate change conditions that may occur. Frankly, I would rather see warming than cooling because if an ice age occurs, that region would starve to death - unless there was a multitude of greenhouses that could produce enough food for humans and their cattle to survive. I would rather see more funding going to the space program. China is ahead in that move, with the help of their stolen technology, and, according to latest developments, will probably have the first settlement on the Moon. The US once led in such events, but no longer. Our national debt has us strapped and politicians in Washington, DC are still sending billions of dollars to other countries who are not allies and will end up our enemies. A good example is the Saddam Hussein regime, providing funds and materials in his war against Iran - ending up with both countries our enemy. Nonsense - all nonsense.
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