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Hello? Is there anyone who obeys their oath of office in the Judiciary anymore? A blanket amnesty, even under the authorization of a president's pardoning clause - it is unconstitutional; forget all the hocus-pocus judicial witchery!
Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! May her and her hubby find happiness in this crazy world and set themselves as citizen examples for others and their children!
I hope it doesn't make it through one season. It sucks that a great series like Firefly is cancelled after one season despite a large audience - and then they produce a series that will present a character that they say is not representing Hillary Clinton (after they failed to get support to make a movie about her) - and use it as a political boost for her intentions of running in the presidential primaries in 2016. I don't care if I like the actors/actresses in the new series - it sucks, like the liberal West Wing garbage. Good grief.
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Immigration Is American

Keith Allen Lehman Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 10:25 AM
I agree - multiculturalism has created groups of people who will not, do not, assimilate; but instead force their culture upon ours. I am surprised that John Stossel cannot see the seriousness of the situation. I also would like to know where people have been told to wait 135 years, for I cannot find that in any immigration statutes. Before considering changing our general views about immigrants we should secure our southern border. It seems that Stossel has given up to the side of progressive socialists instead of the clear and present dangers. His idea to correct the problem has historically NOT stemmed the tide of illegal immigrants - and we are now just seeing the first elements of the errors of our ways, mainly that the federal (and some state) government has ignored those immigration laws for decades. We are in danger of an epidemic (or pandemic), we already have the drug cartel established in US, and national sovereignty issues.
I am sick of video ads turning on without clicking on them - Townhall used to be better than that. Cannot enjoy these articles because of loud video ads starting (and startling) one when trying to read articles.
As Florida Jim wrote ... Islamic fascists are intolerant, while demanding tolerance and lie about their peaceful intentions while their doctrine is to obliterate everything counter to Islam - especially Israel/Jews. If we can see mass corruption on the domestic scene, what makes anyone surprised to find corruption in the international scene? Time for serious reformation and voters start educating themselves to be more responsible in choosing who our leaders and legislators are and who they pick to be justices.
Great article. The misinterpretation of the Second Amendment is not viewing the "bog picture" - our political scene is a fiasco because constitutional law is not upheld and executive, legislative, and judiciary do not abide by their oaths of office putting "political clubs" and special interests as the main priority - on both sides of the political fence in varied degrees.
Which is why federal (and state) governments should be run, in respect especially to employees) as a corporation. What employer would keep on an employee who is doing other things rather than what they are paid for - and at a rate higher than average for the job? Another reason to trim big government, which would be one of the keys toward reducing national debt and more productivity in the private sector due to less strangling regulations that are counter productive and strictly political shell games.
Derek, no doubt that McCain and Romney were/are GOP elite poster boys. The real go-getters, like Allen West and Ron Paul are ignored and accused by them as "radicals" - just as they view Tea Party movement. Constitutionalists are not radicals, although it took "radicals" to create the Constitution. We have not fallen by the way because of the Constitution but because We the People have allowed our leadership to steer USS America away from constitutional law into the shoals of corruption and socialism - big government. It has all come to a head with the reign of BH Obama. The sad thing is that too many Americans do not want to hear the truth, having the inability to accept the horror of being duped. Unfortunately, duping is a system practiced in lesser degrees by the Republican party club - but practiced just the same. George Washington and other Founders were certainly right about being wary of political factions within government. Today, the political party means more than what created the most perfect form of government humanly possible. Frankly, I am sick of choosing the "lesser evil" when it comes to voting - at least after making a clear choice at the primaries (which too many people mistakenly ignore). In the primaries, I did not vote for Bush II. He was a GOP poster boy whose father wanted to recreate the Adams family father and son presidents. I have no doubt that Romney is an upstanding citizen who gives millions to charity and a good father/husband - but his record showed his inconsistencies, for a "moderate" is to capitulate trying to ride the fence at the expense of constitutional law; and trying to please everyone (impossible, just read the Lincoln papers). Still, Romney would have been better than a social organizer puppet of the Chicago political thugs. Shame on Americans to get duped once, but twice shows that too many have come under the socialist educational system propaganda machine and depend too much upon mainstream media input to make their voting decisions. In 2008, facts showed that Obama had too much past mysteries and his associations demonstrated his true character. In 2012, despite leaving Benghazi Americans high and dry - we reelected. Our government requires extensive true reformation, but also Americans require to self-educate themselves like Franklin and Lincoln and quit being sheep to be fleeced by the wolves on both sides of the political fence.
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