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As Romney-Obama Fight Heats Up, Bain Will Be Back

HonkeyCrackers Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 2:26 PM
What a scathing indictment of our education system and the lopsided media. Where do people honestly think that capital comes from? The electorate have already demonstrated an ignorance of the investment/stock market by showing that they don't know that large companies are comprised of small ppl owning stock. Now they also think that investment capital comes from "Obama's Stash" This is very scary when you look at how ppl think and what they do or do not understand... God help us all.

A lot of political insiders in both parties think Bain Capital is pretty much a dead issue in the 2012 presidential campaign. After all, Mitt Romney has ably defended his work at the private equity firm that made him rich, and a number of top Democrats, ranging from Cory Booker to Ed Rendell to Bill Clinton himself, have defended Bain and companies like it. So there's an emerging consensus that Bain is over as an issue.

Except it's not. Not only do President Obama's strategists still believe Romney's business record will be an effective issue, a new poll by a bipartisan...