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Are We Rome Yet?

Keith305 Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 4:31 PM
Trying to hold together the country today is doing nothing but holding back the next great evolution of human society: to a world where people have a choice to pick the system they want to live under. I don't want to have to convince people that my way is better for them than the way they choose to live, and I certainly don't want the reverse. This country is perhaps uniquely poised to devolve into separate countries ruled by separate laws and economic systems. This will eventually be the way humans live: with complete freedom of choice. What's holding us back now? Obviously the control-freak liberals for one, but also conservatives who get a secret kick out of having a claim to be the world's only superpower. And to that, I have to admit in all honesty that I get it. However, I also realize that the more we do, the more we are hated. And that to try to protect a world that despises us for helping has driven me to conclude--with not just a bit of venom--that they deserve what they end up with. We have two bodies of water that will protect us from invasion from any potentially hostile nations. And, frankly, at this point I think I would derive just as much pleasure seeing the rest of the world succumb to its baser instincts--and then have to beg us for help--than to hold on to this idea of the great (hated) superpower. So, fellow conservatives, drop the old way and let's show the rest of the world how its done . . . once again.
You people who talk about retaking the government are suffering from a severe case of self-delusion. The ideological battle has been fought--and we lost. There are simply not enough people out there who are capable of understanding libertarian values or have been swayed by the left's iron grip on the media and education to maintain a nation founded on the rules of The Enlightenment. The final nail in our coffin has been the immigration of people who do not or cannot understand our nation's founding principles. True, some become conservative over time; but the vast majority of immigrants can't see past the allure of socialism and have continued to dilute what was once a national consensus. The Republican Party might have one more presidential winner in them (depending on how much that presidential candidate is willing to sacrifice ideologically), but any future Republican president will have little in common with the conservatives of the past. I've given up on the Republicans. They refuse to see the writing on the wall and will continue to slip away--unable to withstand the onslaught of changing demographics and relentless propaganda--until they are nothing more than a quaint little side show with no voice in a nation that has little in common with its history. With the Republicans in denial and facing the certainty of oblivion by the iron law of demographics, the last hope for western civilization lies in a relatively small group of 15,000 American libertarians who have committed to the Free State Project in New Hampshire. When the number committed reaches 20,000, the move will be on. Leave it to the libertarians--the true disciples of our founding fathers--to actually get something done in order to save and preserve the last remnants of the most evolved civilization the world has ever known. Obviously the republicans as a whole are unwilling to face reality and drum up the courage to peacefully divide the nation on their own.
Blink your eyes and it will be twelve.
I think you missed my point. I'm not saying either way that God exists, just that the universe is turning out to be so bizarre that if we suddenly found evidence of God, the revelation would seem tame by comparison. Therefore, to go out of your way to trumpet your "enlightened" conclusions while smugly looking down on people for their beliefs amongst such cacophony might be viewed as small-minded. I also gotta think that if people on this site were adherents of the left-wing approved Mother Gaia, you wouldn't be so prickly on the subject.
Have you checked out what scientist are saying these days? There are eleven dimensions, an infinite number universes (each following the outcome of our personal choices), and particles that transcend time and space and which only exist until one tries to observe them. Only the liberal mind (as long as its approved as "right" thinking) and your "religious nuts" hold 100% metaphysical certainty of anything anymore.
Yeah, statistically they have to be equal. Since women tend to understate and men overstate, I guess you add four and seven, then divide by two to get the real number.
If he could even get a word in edgewise while she henpecked him for not making more money.
Here's a link that puts that meme to rest: http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2011/09/26/do-liberal-states-really-have-lower-divorce-rates/ Turns out the liberal media (conveniently) only looked at total divorce rates per state, not total divorce rates per married people. And since marriage rates are way higher in conservative states, it goes to reason that the divorce rates would be higher in conservative states, as well. Another more relevant survey asked divorced people what political affiliation they held. The result: 28% conservative, 37% liberal.
5. Sex. Unless you haven't heard, women's liberation freed us from having to marry her in order to assuage that biological imperative. And with the onward rush of technology, we will invariably stand to lose far more great sex by getting married today then biding our time just a little longer and--in the meantime--enjoying a pretty darn good technological surrogate. In fact, we really have a lot to thank the women's movement for. We no longer have to carry the heavy lifetime load of being the father, a protector, a provider. And just when it no longer has a financial motive.
3. Respect. Men obtained respect from their families and communities by being fathers. Today, fathers are portrayed by our media as being bumbling idiots who, without the oversight of their wives, would be helpless in confronting the world around them. Men can't even take pride in being the provider; after all, we're told women can do it just as well--and without us! 4. Protector. Pretty much the rule of all media outcomes is that women can handle their dukes as well as any man. In fact even better. I don't remember Hollywood ever portraying a man as coming out on top in a fight with a woman. (Nor being the righteous one, but that's a different matter.)
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