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Our nature is evil and no amount of training "to make nice" will change that. We're taught to drive defensively and in football, the best offense is a good defense and so on, so why would they think defending themselves is a bad idea? Because progressives believe in the idea of the perfectibility of mankind. They've maintained that same idea throughout history, no matter how much evidence there is that human nature can't be changed from the outside.
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kkb55 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 1:36 PM
Yeah, Darby, I didn't think they mutually exclusive either. It's a disgrace that we have gotten to the point in this country where we need to impeach our Chief Executive for utter incompetence but the majority of the country voted him in. Obama has exhibited such arrogance and contempt for Constitution and the American people that he needs to be impeached, even though he may not be convicted by the Senate.
Hey svirk2, the conservative racist narrative is worn out. They are ILLEGALLY crossing our border and bringing who-knows-what with them. The Federal government is doing NOTHING to stem the flow and is, in fact, encouraging it. So now we're hypocrites because we want to see the rule of law applied. The small communities can't afford to take care of them so I recommend LA, San Fran, Philadelphia or any number of the other Sanctuary Cities in the country.
My question to the American Muslims: If allowed to "honor kill" your wife or daughter, would you, if protected by Sharia in this country?
Level head, common sense and cute, too. She'd make me a great daughter-in-law.
Oh dkepler, that's so '80's!
Wait a minute, someone tell me why Detroit is a basket case.
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The Inequality Bogeyman

kkb55 Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 7:49 AM
I have two friends, that I know of, who became millionaires, one in the roofing business that employs about 80 people and the other who created a software program. He sold to a larger company, whom he now works and has 15 people working under him at his branch. It's called hard work and innovation, goldi, and they are examples of "trickle down economics".
What's wrong with the Satanist's embracing the Ten Commandment's monument. Do they disagree with the message? Does Satan not want "No other gods before me", as well
First, Reagan was a conservative. GW was a Big Government Republican. Second, you lib's have got to get over this obsession with GW, who hasn't been in the White House for 5 years. And third, speaking of "poor for quite some time", the current occupant has laid a foundation to drive this country into the ground and fulfill his campaign promise to "fundamentally transform America".
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