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Monday Fun for Veterans Day

Keith180 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 2:20 PM
All I have to do is look in the mirror...
It'a called makeup, silly.
Why do you continue to use terms that were obsolete a very long time ago? Are you daft? Liberal, Qonservative, Left, Right. How about accuracy? Jeez...
That statement would be funny, if it wasn't so easily done. Scary.
Umm, who cares really?
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Losing the "Cool" Factor

Keith180 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 12:40 PM
Umm dude, we've been there for a very long time.
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The Obama Presidency in a Nutshell

Keith180 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 11:33 AM
Hi Clarity, I hate to ask this, but how are things on you mtn? Did you se the report that noted since the current Admin has been in place the fleet of aircraft tasked to fight forest fires from the air DROPPED from 44 to just 9? For the entire country. There's a company in Stockton (Calif.) that builds them had to lay off a couple hundred people because there is no one buying. The hand out to Solyndra could have fixed that and Colorado wouln't be going up in flames. (There are planes in Stockton that are all but finished. Jeez it it not rocket science.)
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Meet Federal Inmate #11593-051

Keith180 Wrote: May 09, 2012 1:19 PM
Organized criminals vs. an unorginized criminal. Who'd 'a' thunk it?
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Justice is a One-way Street

Keith180 Wrote: May 03, 2012 3:22 PM
Good questions? Inconvenient timing? Wrong gender assignment? Wrong race assignment? Heck I live in PHX and do not remember this report.
"Outling"? Is that a word? (smirk)
Being a "Heinz 57" (as it were), ummm WHO CARES? anymore. This thing called race is supposed to be over. Since 1964...
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