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The Diaper We Know as Obamanomics

Keihn Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 7:33 AM
place as any. But if you're serious about taking our country back, then think about what I (among others) have said: One vote at a time, beginning now. Yeswecan, I'm so glad I found someone who thinks and sounds off about most likely the only non-violent solution we have left. It's been +- 150 years since the civil war and I don't want to see another. God bless us all and above all, think about what's been written.

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

It’s time to hold our nose and check the diaper that we have all come to know as Obamanomics.
While rightly this review should have been completed closer to the first of the year, there were too many events in the offing that were likely to impact the economy to take a stab at the broad outlines of an economic outlook nearer New Year’s Eve.

But now that congress and the president have agreed to get the tax increase off the table that they didn’t dare pass while campaigning, clear the children...

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