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Steyn: Congress Spent “Two Months Negotiating 10 Hours of Savings”

Keep the change Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 8:29 AM
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Writing in the Orange County Register, conservative-leaning political commentator Mark Steyn explains -- and exposes -- the utter frivolity of the latest “fiscal cliff” compromise. Here’s the most galling excerpt:

Washington keeps proving the point. The political class has just spent two months on a down-to-the-wire nail-biting white-knuckle thrill-ride negotiation the result of which is more business as usual. At the end, as always, Dr. Obama and Dr. Boehner emerge in white coats, surgical masks around their necks, bloody scalpels in hand, and announce that it was touch-and-go for awhile but the operation was a complete success – and...