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Reid: Sandy Was Much Worse Than Katrina, You Know

Keep the change Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 6:42 PM
"Tommy" is the one that told him that Romney didn't pay taxes and that Barackwards only speaks with a negro dialect when he wants to. You liberal pukes really have some huge zer0's as heroes

Whether he's publicly recapitulating the hallucinations of an imaginary friend, or wrongly assuring the public that various government programs are "fully funded," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tends to struggle with the truth.  The recent high-octane bout of partisan wrangling over whether to pass a porked-up Sandy relief bill is finally complete, and Reid is unhappy that Congress didn't spend more money.  To emphasize his frustration, he downplayed the severity of Hurricane Katrina's destruction in order to cast Sandy as far worse -- thus...