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Jim DeMint Leaving the Senate to Become Heritage Foundation President

Keep the change Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 5:12 PM
Nothing new under the sun. The libs take 2 steps forward one back. Boehner takes one step, trips on the second and then throws up on himself, falls over, piddles on himself, takes two steps Barackwards and VOILA!......Progress for the GOP! You, TEA party extremists are tripping me!

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, known as one of the most conservative senators on the Hill, will leave office in January to take a position as the President of the Heritage Foundation next fall. Current Heritage President Ed Feulner, who helped build the conservative think tank, will step down in April and serve as Chancellor of the Foundation and Chairman at the Heritage Asian Studies Center.

Feulner has been associated with Heritage from its inception.  Indeed, it was he and conservative activist Paul Weyrich, who first came up with the idea of creating an independent institute able to...