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That poll shows that 13% of those polled are too damned stupid to care what they pay for fuel
nice. Over his head but, nice
6 years of massaging one "man"s ego. The country used to be about so much more. Even when BJ, the pasty white rapist was molesting the interns. I wonder if Rinse knows how easy that was
He was smart enough to get himself a nice impeachment insurance policy with Bidumb, however
oh, yeah Charles. 6 years of real joy.
those were not conservatives. We hold our noses and take a regrettable plunge at ther polls to mix it up with the parasite filth of society
IRS audits await anyone critical of 0blamer. Ask Dr Ben Carson. Coincidence?
Croftball hit a new low
....while the Peace Prizer golfs and BS's his way through two more tragic years of massive spending and debt
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