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You are happy about the thad c0ckr0ach gop party save/ McDaniel trashing As such, nothing you say is worth a flip. Just a party animal saying whatever you are paid to claim
Sure glad that the TH supporters of a liberal republican party take the time from their busy days to lecture us "TEA's" and question our motives and loyalties instead of engaging on the very true fact that the most conservative members of both houses are being TRASHED by party "leaders" of BOTH political parties, because the modern republican party is the party of the Bush's brand of liberal progressivism. d0leb0ts, as it were..........
Yes: "TEA" = foolish Team j0hnny b0ner and Mooch McC0nMan re-installing their dinosaur toady thad c0ckr0ach, THAT......................................... is resposnsible governing!
Who wouldn't go along with the dem0crat plan of doing half as much while spending twice the money?
like clueless establishment liberal republicans know how!
HUFFPO plant
MacQLellan wildly claimed: Folks like you called Reagan a lightweight, too liberal. The rino meme hadn't bee coined yet. ---------------- Horeship, surrender monkey. Reagan crystallized the difference in the two parties and MADE me a conservative, but nice projection d0leb0t. The Bush family ran from conservatism as fast as they could. They are still running from it and that's why they were ALL IN on Mittens, the perfect conservative foil. You Bushies slay me with your nonsense
I think the determination is: 51% is close enough, who cares if they are GUARANTEED 47?
the establishment is dining on it's base while a target rich environment spoils in the sunshine of the reality that the gop hates conservatives. Truly sad that "leaders" of the party cannot recognize deja vu. What is the last conservative message pushed by gop "leaders"?
MacQ I am fully invested in thumping liberal gasbag republicans like thad c0ckr0ach and ANYONE that supports him. THAT was a DISGRACEFUL last straw and really crystallized the danger of the gop becoming moot in one or two more cycles. By the way, I predicted all of this would happen if "The only one that can win" crowd succeeded in their R0mneyCare nomination and subsequent defeat, which was really inevitable. The gop is a dying party and you cannot breathe life into it because you WONT. I am at least going to keep trying
I'll bite. The only acceptable guys you have not YET trashed, are Scott Walker and Jindal. Now let it be said that I prefer Cruz, West, Carson, and anyone NOT afraid of constitutional conservatism and representative republicanism. Those guys are in for some giant sized Herman Caning, though So the Bush, d0le, McCain, R0mney Christie, r0ve, Prebius wing will tell me who is safe, beacuse they will all trash him or her in unison
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