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So riverting, it needed double billing. It's JayBug approved, to boot!
LOL eloquently humorous!
He is a star. A shooting star. Shooting Horse
you should know, given the mutations you've experienced
We saw nothing of the sort, but, as usual, you wave the white flag very, very well. The French are looking for soldiers, you know
Nobody does insane better than the modern gop! Thad c0chran is a beast! Just look at that stunning primary "victory"
Thanks to awesome "leadership" marriage will be anything you want it to be in just 2.67 short years when Barack0 dicktat0r suspends elections and becomes the defacto King of the USA. The eagle will be replaced with the unicorn on all of our flags and commie core will sweep the land bringing Karl Marx back to life for all the good little children to embrace.
The only three things ever "mulled" by 0zer0 are the next expensive meal, the next golf outing location, and the next expensive vacation. Luckily, he just arranges three fers so he doesn't have to strain that massive brain and can just massage the old ego with the time saved.
If your kness didin't knock at the mere mention of a federal parasite paid furlough (you call it a shut down) and B0ehner didn't surrender that power by announcing on day one that he had no interest in that option............. alas, the excuses continue from the r0ve/Bush/Rinse PreBushIII wing of a once proud, conservative party
but he forgot that JFB agrees with him on so much, has no stones, and is drinking about a solution to the mess he has made 90% of each day, gw
Ronald484 excuses is a george washingt0n disciple. One trick ponies Anyone that says that moderate republicanism has let the country down is to be considered a Paulbot or they stayed home for Mittens R0mneyCare. Sharon Angle is why we have Hairy ScReed, Cuccinelli lost because he's pro-life, blah, blah, blah,....
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