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He's still got great hair! Ignore the Brylcreem residue that is older than 0rrin Hatched and Juan McStain combined
Dude, J0hn Franc0is Kerry spoke French to them and let that hippie leftist James Taylor sing to them! Crisis averted. Lois loves a "winner"
Yes, blame ANYONE but 0blamer. He's groooovy, l0is
You have to win to get the job. How many chances do you give a man because "he would be good at it" except for the stinging cold, hard fact that he is a LOSER? A 5 time loser.....NEXT!
Ill SAY is more like it
You are probably right, but why stop us from beating up on the wimps in the gop that call themselves "adults" and think that they really are? the gop is proof that you can grow very old without EVER growing up
exactly correct, but a VERRRRRRY inconvenient truth, nonetheless
He is ge0rge washingt0n r0ve approved. As all good d0leb0ts are aware!
Illbay Wrote:42 mins ago (11:43 AM) I think Walker is much the more "liberal" of the two. I prefer Romney. That said, if Walker is the nominee, I will do everything in my small sphere of influence to help him get elected. --------------------- If Romney is your choice over Walker, you've lost all credibility
you are a trip, 2 Mittens up!
The R0mneyCare and Bush apologists have now assumed the role of the most humorous pundits available in the District of C0rruption
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