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MOST racial ...................... as Ferguson, MO, Travon, ebola and voter intimidation in Philly has demonstrated accurately
Crunch time and all of the stimulus solar energy kickbacks her hubby garnered have her on the run. In a big American way
Every night, every channel, see a Tillis add, see a Haggy add right behind it. And Vice versa. The bucks are flowing here and karl r0ve is on track for his usual squeaker at best
Political correctness has been allowed by the timid gop establishment. They stopped educating well over a decade ago. Maybe 2 That is why the civil war is raging out of control in the republican party. Wimps making deals with Kerry, Biden, Schumer and Reid for decades coupled with character assasination of conservatives in the process. What a great trade. Strength and integrity for ridicule and defeat. When LameMar Alexander is still polluting a great state with his tenure, to name just one,...........
But if you are going to move from MA, may as well really move. We need you conservative voters here in NC NH is just using you
Live free or,.....where's my free stuff?
School reform is long overdue. Brainwashing captive audiences in Federal laboratories is the single biggest factor in the re-election of the BHussein0blamer. Energy and Education reform would transform the nation. Very few gop leaders seem to even realize that this low hanging fruit is ripe for the picking. I cannot remember Mittens or Juan McStain promise any reforms at all in regards to education and they tip-toed around energy
I think that his master, p0rky pig r0ve has already said to move on, we lost that argument. ge0rge is a yes man for Mr. 50.7%
ge0rge washingt0n, it is past labor day. Please put the white shorts and the white flag in the drawer
"What would you have them do?" The gerald f0rd answer to all vexing questions about the lack of conservative leadership in DC. Problem solved!
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