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your, tool bag establishment boy gw always leaves out that primary fights were the source. not unusual for such a proven liar. Say, maybe that is why he loves all of those liars so much. Birds of a feather and all. That does not mean that I did not keep up the heat on those gasbags, as they have proven that they so richly deserved at the time- and now.
Yes, Jeb supports both amnesty and c0mmie c0re and that is why he must fix it so that he or WonderMutt can buy their way in as "severe" conservatives or compassionate conservatives or whatever qualifier will be next
george washington Wrote:16 mins ago (11:40 AM) Keep the Change and Dyadd argued incessantly for the defeat of Republican incumbents in the 2014 cycle --------------- I beleive that I limited my incumbent opposition to M00ch McC0nMan ( a PROVEN SELLOUT) J0hnny Faye B0ehner, Weeper of the House( a PROVEN SELLOUT), your boy the toothless din0saur THAD C0ckr0ach and DC's own Pat R0berts. Principled opposition. I also opposed Tillis in my state but donned the gas mask and pulled for him and his horrible rin0 campaign. I take nothing back-especially now that the sellout is complete. They are all horrible people and even worse politicians. All should have been defeated and have proven it. What have you proven, r0ver?
Ditto my tag. Where would ge0rge washingt0n r0ve be if his nose grew with each lie? He could certainly have his own fracking conglomerate.
Maybe the gop should stop trashing their own? How about that?
Feathering their nests is getting more expensive with each passing election cycle now that they all have mansions in 3 or 4 dirrent states
I can't even count the number of times that you debunked gw r0ve's pathetic tripe passed as fact. And he calls others crazy all of the time
Only the establishment morons think differently which is not bad enough, they must also cast aspertions on those of us that have had enough after 1/4 century plus
excellent summary
It is important to show that you can "govern" by allowing those that were defeated to have one last bite at the apple before they go! Man, are we blessed to live in a time with the 3 Micetequeers J0hnny Fay, Moochy Mac and Rinse! Just like gw said "checkmate"
I am waiting for Fox to complete the circle and hire Candy eating C0Wlee
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