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amen. We have the tape. They are on tape trashing conservatives because they HATE us.
Not yet Amy. Amnesty support amongst gop "leaders" tells the pitiful tale of woe. Many here would rather trash those of us that have had it for daring to speak out. Our "leaders" are really duplicitous, sanctimonious, disgraceful party animals that purchase their power and weild it accordingly. Cutting deals with the left is suicide and I will not participate or support it in any way. I will trash it every time I see it. p0rky pig r0ve is a cancerous tumor that MUST be removed
exactly. Richard Burr here in NC is a prime example. a Dolebot
White flag hoisted! gw is a Doleb0t....and a paid political surrender monkey
the Kleenex crowd perpetuates the bad gop math. They certainly never lift a finger to correct it. McCain, Alexander, Corker, Ayotte, Burr, Kirk, Flake, Murkowski, Graham, Cochran, Cornyn and on and on and on
why educate when we can obfuscate? Purchase your power. It's the r0ve way!
The Kleenex crowd really has their panties in a wad as they attempt to excuse the Bob D0le wing of the party's attacks on its own base. Laughing at these jokers like gw r0ve, king karl r0ver, Rinse, McCain, B0ehner and McC0nMan is about all we have left as the above named c0rrupt0crats prove every day that only money and winning by 1% matters to them. Principle? What the hell is that to a a Doleb0t like george washington r0ve?
gw r0ve is lurching into total schism mode. All over the map. I can't keep up! Translation, please!
yes. her talking points are the same as gw r0vers
I am an equal opportunity slayer, BobD0le wannabe
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