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Your both right. I meant former prez, and current, albeit possibly reformed. rapist
Hey leftist parasites, your her0 0blamer is the best thing that ever happened to the gop, even if they are too busy attacking their base to notice. Barackwards! He's a F-R-A-U-D
She looks 80 now. What will another year do to the former rapist's wife?
The white flag looks good in your hand MacQuellellan
even YOU can be right once in a great great while, addict
When will the gop care to actually do something about public brainwashing factories that lefties call public schools?
Good slave. The real problem is the gop lefties in charge that agree with your her0, 0zer0
blow us turd burglar
dinosaurs of the gop are ruining the party. Your constant attacks on TEA party conservatives only serve to help the Marxist Dimwits Democrats applaud every time you attack your base
Here's an idea Let's take a good man like Matt Bevin and destroy him so that career c0rrupt0crat M00ch McC0nman can "serve" 36 years and deny any chance to promote a younger more conservative legislator. Why grow the party? Why advance new ideas? We have money, M00ch, J0hnny Faye B0ehner, r0ver and Rinse. Why let new blood help? DESTROY Matt Bevin! Split the party! We don't need those extreme TEA guys and gals! Go gop, you cancerous dinosaurs. And take r0ve with you Rinse Lather RepeatBush. I dig the cut of your Jeb
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