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BS detectors are spinning wildly
Yes he is. Soon we will be treated to the kamikazee big money Mittens and Bush money sources teamed up and used to derail a good man and a proven winner. The "adults" are in charge
Harry was exercising doing 8 ounce curls with Martinis and fell down the steps. Cut him some slack, will ya?
Many here would rather trash the TEA party and Sharron Angle for missing the opportunity to send the drunken Reid back to Searchlight
Only idiots claimed that, but by all means, Beat that drum, spammer! Why war with Paulbots when ignoring them is so dang easy? Give it a rest already and get the "adults" in the gop "leadership" to grow up
The modern gop has surrendered the language to the left as they have tacitly agreed with all of their profligate spending since a Bush took over. It is a disgarce for the party of Lincoln and Reagan to be beaten up on income, race and the all too bogus climate change nonsense. But, it is what we have come to accept and expect from "leaders" that call themselves "adults" while acting like children.
In which picture above does Hitlery look less attractive? The ugly tree's many branches did big damage on those two falls
She HAS to skip them. She has to hide how ugly she is and cannot cover it all up with make-up which would melt under the glare of debate lights. See makes Juan McCain look youthful!
Lawlessness is the law of the land now. J0hnny 0'B0ner has seen to it!
Truer words are rarely spoken, 1364. A little gop Viagra is in order
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