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and a dozen other things. Still, Ferguson deserves a proper airing by the gop "leaders" but it will NEVER happen
Silence! anyone critical of establishment progressive gop pols with lofty phony ratings ranks will be set upon by the country club class that gerald f0rd shills for every day. Conformity is a bi-partisan exercize in DC now
delusional conjecture. How many that voted for him would turn on him for a similar position of power after they have let Ferguson grow roots especially. Get ready for the Holder riots. They are on their way.
Where is your sidekick, Ron484 excuses to add his excuses to yours?
Slumber on. the gop needs an enema. I work towards that or I leave. So far, it seems worth saving. Your type is allowing the ruination to continue. Go back to sleep
education will fix that when 'leaders" are replaced with leaders
They have a beautiful prospective Majority leader...... Continuing resolution! Governing is hard!
indeed they would. The Senate is a chummy club with 90% liberal representation, regardless of state
H8 called me crazy for making that point earlier. She enjoys her gop slumberthon
0 needs an excuse to hang around DC "after" his term is up. Suspending elections would mitigate that need.
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