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As long as the media and the leftist bureaucracy of a Federally run public school system shapes so much of what people think they know, this nation will continue to circle the bowl. I am so excited about the prospects of another Bush or The BEHIND, Christie (or maybe even another run by R0mneyCare!) at the helm in the near future. That will fix everything!
When is the last time a lefty compromised on anything? When have they needed to?
If only UpChuck and his leftist bretheren in the Press c0rpse were as fatigued as we are, we could get a modicum of objectivity from modern "journalists" and 0blamer would be hovering in the low teens. It's only taken 1/2 of the parasite class 6 years to pay attention and realize that warmed over communism doesn't work so well in the USA either. 2 more years and the media may figure it out too
You're ALWAYS suspicious because it ALWAYS means that. It would be great if it were possible to have a taste of conservative bipartisanship, but that ship sailed decades ago
One only needs to ride around Chapel Hill or San Fran reading bumper stickers to get the same spew. Verrrry deep
I would guess that that was peacenik speak, but who would know reading that sentance structure? Good slave, and don't forget to fill your bowl and flask on the way out, addict.
amen and thank you
Hey gop, it is this simple: Government has made a mess of the 7-8% of health care that they have been responsible with for decades. Just wait until they have had a 1/2 decade to ruin the other 92% and see what a massive federal bureaucracy can do for your family. Repeal 0blamerCare or get ready for death panels, there is no other option. You are welcome
borrowed money. Brilliant! Barackwards!
simply put, 0blamer is a muslim that has a long history of contempt against Christianity. I can't decide which order the commie ranks his hate of Veterans Christians The rich ((except his and Michael 0blamer's wealth) Coal
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