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The only problem is, the "leaders" that WJF is so proud of, are not interested in repeal. king karl, the architect of disaster, told those two that they already lost that one and that they should move on. Mission accomplished, architect!
please go back to sleep spammer
When do we get our ready to use syringe for DIY euthanasia from the ACA, KayHag?
No, we don't wonder. We know. With those two leaders, who needs enemies?
Those c0mmies are experts at that which they ascribe to their opponents. Since their opponents walk around with muzzles and are being lead by mute frauds with no core convictions, it has no problem sticking to them
The national gop has done nothing on the issue since Al Frankenberry bested Norm Chocula in that Senate race
50.7%. That's our architect!
The religion of "peace" strikes again. I thought I smelled something
I'd like to urge my dem0crat friends to take NOTHING for granted and get out and vote on the 3rd Tuesday in November
as long as machines are registering real votes for gop candidates as votes for c0mmiecrat D's, we should all be worried
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