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Derek, gop leadership is neither conservative, or moderate. It is left wing. With left wing leaders, you get the leftward tilt of the party. New leaders, new party. Same old dinosaurs means the dying party continues dying. Their choice. The Bob Doles of the party will NEVER learn because they have always hated their base and taken them for granted while playing games in the chummy club known as the US Senate. I will hold my nose and vote for Thom Tillis, but he is a disaster or he wouldn't be trailing the harpy Hagan. I use to like you columns a lot. Now it is work. Everybody is comfortable bashing conservatives and Christians. Until it stops, the 18 trillion will look like bird feed
That's easy Sloandog, I'm surprised even a MORON like yourself would miss this one....A real American is any genuine nation loving conservative.....Not some pretend conservatives like you and old SpeedyCuts who is now posing as, Keep the Change. --"Sage" Advice-- ----------------- The alttime best post ever. "Sage", the geriatric wonderdog, like all other thin skinned "real Americans" that cannot handle criticism of the gop corrupt0crat "leaders" on this site believes labeling and slandering their detractors is a substitute for strategy and debate. Verrrrrrrrry sage indeed. B0ehner-like in in simplicity and effectiveness.
The gop certainly has much work to do to compete with vicious communists masquerading as democrats. Dr. Wolf would have been a great candidate if the fix wasn't in
Raptor Driver Wrote:39 mins ago (2:26 PM) Sage, I couldn't imagine a more inappropriate moniker. ------------------- I can. It is george washington, just by a puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubic hair. "Sage" really means mentally crippled (thad, 0rrin, McLame) in the modern gop, so maybe "Sage" is correct?
gw is a paid party flunky that must do as he is told if the checks from r0ve are to continue coming
Over 200 rabid post by the crazed Libertarians Sloandog and Keep the Change. Townhall, please reclaim your website.-----ge0rge washingt0n r0ve aka gerald f0rd--- ---------------- Post disallowed for excessive whining from a grown assed "man" Checkmate, right, gw?
Rabid? Crazed? More gop "outreach by a "loyal" consultant Why is the gop a dying party? Because Zer0es like the gw and the surrender caucus are strangling it
I voted for McLame and R0mnesty have the signs still in my man cave. But persist in the gw style lies, if it makes you more comfortable lounging in your white flag in the echo chamber
It is only OK when a leftist, lying, gasbag like you posts, right gw you lying coward?
Reagan' HUGE mistake. Yes, good family men and fircely patriotic men that meant well. They were both disasters and gave us both Clinton AND 0blamer for 16 years and maybe more. Credit where credit is due, Bushie Gillespie. You make NO SENSE at all with your constant excuse making for liberal republicanism, MacQLellan
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