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shouldn't you be taking Ethan's "man" hood right now?
Sylvia is as cute as Hillarity. That photo does both of those dopes justice
well stated because he is an absolute tyrant. His war on women is real
I prefer the B0ehner "fix" What a great leader! I hope he can hold that seat forever.
She's a genius! Somebody get her a job at the DNC
That is WAY too common sense a proposal for the DC rulers to even consider. The elites get their power from the tax code and IRS abuse
gop leaders are gutless, cheese eating (Brie) surrender monkeys. Unless they feel threatened by their base or that nasty TEA party full off extremist, liberty lovers and true fiscal hawks. When they bump into them, they are all business
The IRS is a purely political bureaucracy now in most cases. Until there are consequences for treating it that way, nothing can change.
george washington Wrote:1 hour ago (10:37 AM) Attack the GOP, eh? Perfect ----------------------------- yes gw r0ve, the gop has done TONS to bring about an end to public school brainwashing factories and end the monopoly and double taxation. I know your her0 M00ch has been all over it for 30 years in DC. LOL Those of us that use or have used parochial schools have been dealing with this nonsense for over 30 years with NOTHING to show for it from the party that tells us the era of Reagan is over, but the era of the Bush's NEVER ends. Spare me your drivel
Your both right. I meant former prez, and current, albeit possibly reformed. rapist
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