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Somewhere, Rinse,Lather rePeatBush and p0rky pig r0ve are positively glowing! Good, Guy, Very good!
Does the book stump for Jeb and Jeb's machine known as Fox News?
If only their defeat were as important as political posturing are, we could actually make progress against their filthy and vile behavior.
Your ignorance is nearly limitless
A solid 33% of our population are serial liars, don't see a problem with public schools and don't mind being spoon fed leftist bilge. The National Barack Channel will soldier on butressed by those realities
The IRS and the entire federal government has been weaponized. Only one more Bush can fix it! Commie Core is good for all!
Communism, which used to be fought by both sides, is now wholly embraced by all leaders of BOTH sides. Outside of Walker, T Cruz, A West and scant few others, capitalism is on life support
"Rove seems to be arguing that House Republicans should pass a second DHS funding bill, one that only defunds Obama's November DACA program" Hey TH, hasn't r0ve and the Bushies done enough damage yet? Who cares what karl or Jeb has to say from their snouts? Very few in this forum, I'd guess. Is r0ve New,........ah Fox News bankrolling TH these days?
Undermining our military was something that 0blamer both predicted AND perfected. Credit where credit is due-even that clown tells the truth occasionally
The gop stopped listening to the voters back when the Bush family travesty was at high noon with Harriet Meiers. When everyone swooned for John R0berts, they knew that they no longer needed to worry about their peasant base
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