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At least 22 or more gop senators do n ot side with Ted Cruz on this. The modern gop is utterly rudderless
1600 plus pages. Voted on in less than a week. An 0blamer rubber stamp. J0hnny Faye and M00ch's way of saying thanks for coming out in November, boxcar's
Ann, don't spend all of M00ch McC0nMan's silver coins in one place. Has he agreed to name a bridge in KY after you yet or are they all named after M00ch himself?
Big deal, 8 out of ten don't even pay for the rag
A radical fringe within the TEAs started the war Keep, and now you have war and then feign shock when the GOP you traitorously attacked fight back. You wanted war and you have it. We cleaned your clocks in the 2014 cycle. --ge0rge washingt0n r0ve-- ---------------- For future reference when asked for an example of gw's "war" What war? The one against common sense? Yes, How dare any TEA party constitutional republican challenge a bid spending establishment gop dinosaur incumbent? The TEAs delivered again and you are not bright enough to see it as you hold that gas can next to the fire
Not necessarily, but I'd want to read the McC0nMan reference in total context. In retrospect, I am sure I was not hard enough. He is the second coming of Robert Byrd.
We may have been able to control the Cromnibus bi-partisan spending spree if M00ch got what he deserved for being a detestable liar and siding with Hairy Screed
Writing in a conservative does make more sense, but everybody has their breaking points and a point whereby they feel the need to show tough love. I have no quarrel with those that have reached that point because I sure am close
george washington Wrote:8 mins ago (1:16 PM) ...both McConnell and Cochran, Keep. Do you still deny it? -------- Thad yes, McC0nner? maybe. Please show the entire statement in context if you'd like verification and admission. I know my work BTW, given the past 2 weeks, McC0nMan is now proven to be as honest as you, gw. Which is to say, not at all
which one am I tool bag?
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