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Barackwards orders Holder concurred
It's not quite Weiner/Holder, but,.................
Imagine if BJ was black? Not halfrican, but black.
He has a Connecticut SS# even though he has NEVER lived there. When those connected and fearful of retribution feel free to speak openly, there will be much that we have always suspected that is proven to be the case. When that happens, which group will look more foolish, the press c0rpse or gop leadership for allowing 8 years of this crapola to go unchecked?
We doan needs to worry 'bout puttin' gas in r carz, we doan need to worry 'bout paying our M0gage.............latino version............ what do Mitt and Jeb think?
He had a lot of nerve to make Barackwards look bad with his differing ISIS comments. ISIS wasn't JV, Chuckie, 0blamer is. You're as bright as a hammer
It all started with that monster whopper he told on the stimulus. 6 times we have spent the cash. What is there to show for it? He asks for money for X, and it is rubber stamped by CR and added increases despite 6 straight spending sprees
With 6 stimulus spending sprees to show for it
Hilarious to see Ron Fournier starting to understand what is in store for us after he hid for 6 years
Add flamingly homosexual, baby killing, rabble rousing, enviroweenie economic illiterate and a slug at least
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