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A Few Thoughts on Paul Ryan's Introductory Speech

Keep the change Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 3:39 PM
It's parasites like you that make Hope and Change BS possible. You are a tool. A real dull knife.

Governor Romney gave his new running mate a very warm introduction this morning, detailing elements of Ryan's middle class, Catholic, Midwestern biography and praising the 42-year-old's serious solutions for fixing America's entrenched problems.  Anticipating mendacious Left-wing attacks on Paul Ryan's bipartisan Medicare reform for future seniors, Romney emphasized that President Obama has slashed more than half-a-trillion from the program (to fund a new and unpopular entitlement program), and that the Republican plan is geared toward saving and preserving Medicare and Social Security.  Expect to hear this theme a lot.  Ryan echoed it during his speech, telling the audience that...