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Yes, it is tough to be an American and not mean what you say and do what your President asks. But the time has come to apologize to the world for the fact that we elected a fool! A man who is led by his ancestors dreams of escape from colonialism and persecution by stronger tribesmen in old Kenya under British control. We are going to have to wait until, if we can ever recover, and then find the way to destroy tons of nerve gas WMD, biological WMD and oh yes, nukes too! It may be even harder when they arrive in our cities and we don't know even who made or delivered them! Take your pick- murder millions now in Syria or watch other millions die later!
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How To Get the Unemployed Back To Work

Keepontryon Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 11:39 AM
To all who are looking for jobs like those that were well enough paying ten-twenty years ago to support at least oneself and perhaps combine with income of another to support an acceptable life style back then, I have sad news. There is no way to turn the clock back! Technology and a global economy are so vastly different and so out of step with our current political-social ideas that no amount of fixing can make it look like 'happy days are here again'. You are about to see another communist nation implode unless human nature can free many millions from the control of the planners in China. Even if that happens, robotics is going to outproduce whatever the unskilled reluctantly learn to do in place of welfare. The welfare system will fail as soon as the inevitable inflation of money supply causes prices to inflate too fast and the runaway impact will be the last step in Obama's dream to make us all as poor as his father's dream told him it has to be to escape the power of colonial masters.
We are far close today to being like those in Egypt who are dying because the Army does not want Islamic Sharia law to rule its power. When US Americans, who demand that the Constitution does not permit the President to proceed without laws that define what taxpayers support, even when outnumbered by non-tax paying voters, are ready to die, that is when the President will discover that the police and army will not kill their own people! It will be imperative that Democratic opponents have a plan on the table that will win wide support in the Senate and the House that helps the non-taxpaying Americans eat and work to survive. With such support, will the President retire or be forced out? We may soon find out!
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