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I agree. I worked very hard to get my degrees. I didn't ask anyone to GIVE me anything. I guess this is just one more thing that the Entitlement Generation expects.
This is just wrong. I taught at the University level and at the Community College level for many years. There are students that are just not college material. They should be in a technical school. That is not a bad thing; that is placing a student where they will succeed and achieve a program for growth. Flooding the Community College with these students is simply going to destroy programs for students that should be there.
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The Problem With Obama's Tax Plan

keasterling391 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 7:19 AM
The government should look at the tax deferred organizations before they levy more taxes upon the individuals. I'm talking about such organizations as the NFL, etc.
McCain needs to go home to the farm and retire. He would never get the nomination because he doesn't act like a Republican. Hell, most of the time you can't tell that he is a Republican.
Every where you flagged it, I flagged it.
Obviously Diane Feinstein has forgotten that the flight that crashed in the field was headed for the capitol. Perhaps if it had succeeded she would have a little more understanding of the urgency of the moment. Or if the second wave that they warned us about had succeeded she might have understood the urgency. But, I don't think so. She was looking for revenge for the investigation that the CIA did of her sub committee and she did care if the report lie or twisted the truth. That is why she is out defending it so much.
Feinstein had this report created out of revenge because the CIA wire tapped phones and hacked computers of her sub committee. Obama and Jarrett had it released now to throw Americans off the 6 crisis' that were in the news giving him bad press. It worked. However, now we have the worst spending bill America has ever produced. That will be around for awhile.
I think this was a pure political move by Diane Feinstein. It was revenge on the CIA for wiretapping and hacking the computers of her subcommittee. I hope someone will hold her accountable if there are repercussions from the release of this incorrect document. BTW, I was a MEDIC in SE Asia during the Vietnam war. I cannot describe the horrific conditions of the POWs that were captured from the Vietnamese. A CIA operative that we rescued had a fractured liver, burns in his arm pits where they had inserted hot rods, no finger nails, horrific mangling of his privates, his front and back were laced with burns and what looked like beatings from a whip, and his head was so swollen it was hard to identify him. He was in ICU in a coma for months. I don't have to remind you of the brutal beheadings performed by ISIS. Now how bad were the advanced questioning things we did to the perpetrators of 9/11?
Nixon was a crook. Obama believes he is an emperor. Obama isn't listening to the voice of the people and he is going to pay for it.
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Why You Shouldn’t Vote

keasterling391 Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 8:45 AM
I hope no one reads your article. What? You writing it just to get comments? It is a stupid article. We all need to vote. Whatever you want to vote just go vote.
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