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This is a loss for our Nation, again.
I don't understand why the Federal Government gets involved in these things. Instead of producing an economy that grows jobs we are working on the meal plan for schools. That will get 'er done.
And all those people getting all those millions in freebies.
Geeze o'pete, we have a 2,200 sqft 3 beds 2 bath near San Antonio that we just sold for $312K. The tax is about $1,600. It sits on an acre of land. If I had to pay tax like y'all, I would have been gone before it came due.
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Operation Enduring Handout

keasterling Wrote: May 17, 2014 1:11 PM
Why are we giving billions of American dollars to countries that hate us? That is something the new and improved Congress needs to address. It simply does not make sense. We give money to Russia!!!
I entered college at the age of 30 armed with a GI Bill and a member of the AF Reserves, and working part-time. My GI Bill not only paid for my courses and books, it paid me a stipend. The AF Reserves paid me, as well. My part-time job was looking after an 85 y/o man that was bed ridden and needed very little care so I had plenty of time to study. My wife was active duty Air Force so I doubled up on some semesters but still had to take a couple of courses and transfer them back to graduate. I was fortunate enough to have left over GI Bill resources to go on to my Masters. I immediately registered and found a job. The masters was at night and on weekends. Once again, my wife moved before I finished it so I had to find a faculty member to head up my thesis and comprehensive exam. But I finished it. And I paid for one course, the GI Bill paid for everything else. I went on to a Doctorate of Science in Computer Science. I wrote a grant; basically how grate I was and why I deserved this grant. Ha. I received the grant and it paid for books, courses, and incidentals for the entire degree. I guess what I am saying, is that there are ways to get an incredible education and walk away without any debt. When I was teach at the University, we turned money back all the time because students didn't apply for it. The requirement was usually for a paper stating why you deserved it. Probably take you an hour to write it and you get free money for the rest of your degree.
I saw an interview done on George Washington University. The interviewer was asking students who they thought was going to be the best candidate for president. They unequivocally answered Hillary. The interviewer ask what she had done that qualified her for the job. Total silence; no one could come up with anything that she had done. One woman said Benghazi. (WHAT???) The interviewer then asked why they were voting for Hillary if they couldn't come up with one thing she had done that would qualifier her to be president. They all said, "It would be nice to have a female president." So, it doesn't matter that she has been first lady, senator, or sec of state and hasn't done anything; it's that she is female. Seems that is how we got a community organizer as president; because, "it would be nice to have an African American." So, the point here is this generation of young men and women don't listen or read about politics, they go by, "it would be nice to have a ______ president." Fill in the blank.
TLN3, I agree with you. Our leadership in the Republican party is severely lacking. The president has no leadership qualities. The sec of state has no leadership qualities. Reid and his cronies are some of the worst at leadership. We have to elect some leaders. Hopefully we will start in these midterm elections and finish up in 2016.
I agree 100%. I do not agree with amnesty. It is a slap in the face of all those people that have done it legally. I also do not believe in welfare, unemployment and other benefits for illegal aliens. Who in their right mind decided this was right?
My wife used to do contracts for a major health insurance firm. Her target was that premium would never increase higher than 3 percent per year. So, increases in drugs, Dr's, DME, Hospitals, etc. All had to come out to 3 percent for that year. Hear comes Ocare and they are at 9 percent. But Obummer says it is cheaper than what we had before. Another lie.
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