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Mine too.
I liked that Chris kept referring to the health care law as Obamacare. obama and all of the democrats are running from that name so I hope it follows them all until they are voted out or taken out of office.
Ha ha- Your're very witty. You crack me up.
Good post RiffRaff. Certainly Jesus came to earth in the form of a Jew. However Jesus Christ is not dead. He is an eternal being and our Lord and Savior if we believe and repent and accept his gift of salvation. We are all eternal beings and death is not the end for us either. It is the beginning of where we will spend eternity.
Elizabeth is right.
It's the parents responsibility to put shoes on their kids- and to feed them and buy their clothes and everything else.
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So Many People are Down on Obama Now

KDBeale Wrote: Nov 24, 2013 10:02 AM
Pastor James David Manning also speaks out against obama. I listen to the Manning report everyday.
Go watch James David Manning video on u-tube titled Mia Maria Pope- I think that's the name. Anyway Mia went to high school with obama and she exposes a lot of things about obama as a teenager. Amoung a lot of other information she gives- she says obama claimed to be a foreign student which means he wasn't born in America- he lied all of the time - obama used drugs- and he's totally gay.
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Cruz and Carson in 2016

KDBeale Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 7:11 AM
rvnvmc- you are correct.
I like Miller but O'Reilly lost me when he said "I've seen the birth certificate and it's real.'
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