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To Create Boom, GOP Needs to Change Tune

kday Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 4:19 PM
If the Obozo administration were to embrace the full utilization of American energy resources, and drive energy costs below the market floor, we'd still be able to support high wages and be incredibly productive. Keep China and Europe paying sky-high energy prices so production and distribution costs are outrageous, and we could reclaim a huge manufacturing baee. First thing is to get the EPA muzzelled; file suit against the EPA for any and every move they make. Freeze them. Then frack and frick and drill and do environmental permitting like it's done in Russia. We'd succeed wildly, and let the Europeans and Chinese freeze to death in their "clean air" graveyards. .Take out a lot of the tree-huggers and mass execute union leadership.

Obama comes out the victor in the messaging battle of the fiscal cliff negotiations. CNN contributor Ruben Navarrette Jr. said: “He is so good at the business of politics that he’s really outmaneuvered them.”

How did he do this? According to John Judis in the New Republic, “He campaigned publicly. He framed the issues. He put the Republicans on the defensive in a way that he failed to do during much of his first term.” 

Even the far-right agrees. In a post titled: “GOP drift losing ‘cliff’ message battle,” Mike Flynn argues: “The GOP is...