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Just another panderer to the low-to-no info voter, READ "Democrat" I see NYC turning into Detroit. Would love to saw the whole place off and gently float it into the middle of the Atlantic and sink it.
Profoundly NO. It's as if the American people set out to screw up and screwed up on the way out. I guess it could've been worse. The low IQ voters (READ: Democrats) could've picked a Pelosi-Reid ticket. Nah, that would not be as bad as Obozo and Foot-in-Mouth Bin Biden AH
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Climate Change Scammers' Worst Week Ever

kday Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 7:43 AM
Correction: Liberalism is a severe, TERMINAL, mental disease. It's caused by the Liar gene, found in all liberals. It resides in the top of the brain, and eats through to the brain stem using a severely toxic acid called Democrap. Left untreated, it will kill all of us.
Democratic Party membership requirement is to be an inveterate liar with a criminal mind and bent. Slimeball scumbag.
Pelosi, like Joe Bin-Biden, is wrong on just about every issue. Her main function should be reduced to providing carbon-dioxide for plants, since that's what she does best.
This stupid cow is the poster adult for compulsory abortion. IQ is 3 points lower than a rock.
Reid is the poster child for senility. He and Josephus Bin Bid
Liberalism. Lying to yourself and believing your own lies. Easy to do if you're working with a single-digit IQ
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Death by Renewables

kday Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 5:09 AM
These whacko environmentalists will soon have us planting corn in the medians of the Interstates to make into ethanol to fuel power plants to produce more solar panels to cover over New York State and Massachusetts and California....Oh, wait, that would be a good thing! Never mind.
Pelosi and Gillibrand are both part of the most crooked, dishonest, deceitful political party in world History. To be a Democrat is to be a lying, cheating, scammer without morals or conscience. Most mass murderers are superior in morals than any Democrat.
Mr. Teresa Heinz is a back-stabbing, lying POS who dances on dead GIs and the memory of dead GIs. He will undoubtedly take his rightful place in history in the basement of hell, stoking the fires sitting among his kindred spirits - Stalin, Hitler, Atilla, LBJ, and Hussein Obama
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