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Corrupt liberals - redundant
What's the big deal? Democrats fervently embrace murdering babies in the womb, Democrats own Chicago, and have run it into the ground only slightly slower than they destroyed Detroit. They need to rethink tolerance. I learned early in life that you get what you are willing to tolerate. Apparently, blacks like the system that murders them anywhere from the womb to an early grave. But, they can get a free Obamaphone, so that must even it out.
I'm amazed to no end that Obama has any positive polling on any positive issue. In his defense, he set out in writing, in two books, his manifesto for the destruction of America, and the lefty loonies still hold him up as a religious icon. He is so insidiously venal and evil, that any comparison to other leaders, world or country or local must put him at the bottom of the poll, yet the Democraps still smell champagne in his urine and roses in his poop. That's really more a condemnation of the mental illness known as Democratic Voter than of this evil POS POTUS.
Hey, the scumbag-in-chief could just write a note with his pen or call in on his phone an end to global warming, terrorism, lying IRS, EPA, DOJ, and the vast number of other gummint agency, department, bureau, etc. misadministrators. Maybe he could also resign and blow his brains out on the White House lawn. Numbnuts brains could be taken out with a BB.
Its in the Democrats DNA to lie to yourself and believe your own lies. Poor things can't help it. Their whole world view and perception of reality is based on lies and deceit...a fatally flawed perspective.
And you expect something different from a city run by incompetent, lying Democraps shills for the most corrupt, evil administration in history? Sorry, you must have a typical liberal single-digit IQ.
Democrats = Liars = Frauds. ALL Democrats subscribe to and embrace the very worst human traits. Filthy slimeballs - rot in hell.
Just another stupid, incompetent Democrap cow
Democrats should bear the rath and enmity of the American people. This slimy POTUS POS is the standard bearer for his party of the slime and detritus of America. Democrats hate religion, God, the Constitution, rule of law, free speech, the military, and almost everything traditional Americans embrace. I equate being a Democrat with being a Muslim terrorist - both are evil cults practiced by sub-human filth.
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More Child Abuse at a Government-Run School

kday Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:56 AM
Education in America is more about jobs for unqualified teachers than educating our children, and has been since teachers first became unionized
How about that lying, murdering, scumbag POTUS POS Lyndon B. That lying democrat is directly responsible for killing over 58,000 American soldiers. DEMOCRATS are all scrum-sucking pieces of Detritus.
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