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Holder isn't even on eye level with a mole...maybe some deep dwelling catfish. Nah, not even that.
It's clear your Mother botched your abortion. She threw away the baby and raised the placenta.
That's fine. AG Holdup scumbag Blackburn is the reason many Americans don't trust the most corrupt Injustice Department in history.
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Holder's Tantrum

kday Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 6:14 PM
This sorry, slimeball POS criminal AT doesn't need to remind anyone he's a standard, Obozo black criminal. Almost all of the scumbags in this evil misadministration are created criminal detritus Democriminals. May the all die and rot in hell.
Words actually mean something, you Statist ObozolovingAHCommieSocialist Skunk Democrap. You Democraps cannot tell the truth, but it's not your fault...you were born with a lying gene that is activated on your first stinking breath, and then you lie the rest of your sorry lives. Democrat = liar
Why can't you believe your nephew? There's a slimeball Muslim terrorist occupying the White House who hates America. So if there's a monster in the WH, surely there can be a monster in his basement!
Mr. Teresa Heinz, aka Lurch, would best serve his country by going to Martha's Vineyard and caddying for Obozo. Even that would have Kerry rise to his level of incompetence.
When I was very young, my Dad caught me in a lie, and he sat me down and had a very clear conversation with me, which basically went, "Son, it takes a brilliant mind to lie and get away with it, and you're just to dumb to lie. Try telling the truth and you won't trip yourself up." I believe everyone is too dumb to lie and get away with it.
Great observation
Just look at that venerable institution, Harvard. It awarded a law degree to the stupidest scumbag craphead ever...Obozo, the 57 State President. I value degrees from the nation's community colleges above Harvard.
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