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Why Are Young Americans Supportive of Obama When His Policies Are So Bad for Them?

kcsparky Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 9:30 PM
It is well known that a center of the human brain that controls reasoning and common sense does not fully develop in young adults until approximately 25.....some earlier, some later. I attribute the youth voting climate to this, their upbringing in the entitlement nannystate mentality and the inability to recognize a complete lying B.S.'er when he or she see and hears one!!!!
cmccoy Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 2:29 PM
Maybe reliance on things like Facebook and texting are done for a reason. A person's ability to tell when someone is lying is developed from eye to eye contact, and voice intonation. when you are not looking at the person, nor hearing their voice you don't learn to do these things. Young people use these modes of communication for more than 80% of correspondence. Seems to me if you want someone to believe everything you say with far less trouble, getting them to a point where they can not use these skills is paramount.

Young people voted for Obama in overwhelming numbers, but the question is why?

As I explain in this interview for Blaze TV, they are being hurt by his policies.

It’s not just that youth unemployment is high. Obama’s policies also are hurting those who found jobs. Simply stated, these “lucky” folks are getting below-average pay.

The Stepford Students?

I specifically explain that academics have determined that those entering the labor market in a weak economy will suffer a long-run loss of income.