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Give me a Freakin' Break!!!!! Chowderheaded progressive liberal Idiots!!!!
Just say "NO" Topeka!! This is a taxpayer money wasting Biotch who's only concern is to be center stage! This is YOUR kids graduation and you only get ONE SHOT! Don't blow it over Obama's nag! Write and call your School Board and Board of Education to stop this before YOUR memories are ruined. M. Obama could give a whit less about you or your Graduates......this is just a grandstanding personal appearance for her. If need be, remind your Board members that they are "elected" and your kids and your family come FIRST!!!
"It seems a bit strange that an organization that has nothing to do with world politics has the audacity to take sides in the conflict between Israel and Palestine." Anybody actually believe that after their actions has their heads stuck in the sand. The thing to do now is stop all support for Oxfam as they have just shown their true hand.
With the total lack of common sense and the progressive liberal mindset of academia, I am not surprised in the least. The dumbing down of America is in full swing as socialist liberals truly believe that a ignorant society is a well controlled society. Pathetic!!
Though I could never condone assassination, if someone ever took him out, I would throw a party that would last for a week!!!!! Muslim traitor!!
She deserves the same chance that she gave Ambassador Stevens and his security personnel........NONE!!
52. Take a dump in a box and send it to her!!
This article exemplifies the mentality of the progressive liberals who have fallen on their knees and bowed to their "savior" Obama. Zero common sense and a "Glad to be owned" mentality. Lights on.........nobody's home!!
Academia is as disenfranchised from reality as any group in the country. Common sense and logical thought left this group decades ago. These are the people who impact our kids in a huge way during their most impressionable years. Sad thing is that change would have to come from within, and it is as bad, if not worse, at the top than in the classroom. Parents have to protect their kids by paying close attention to their actions and thought processes and be ready to "deprogram" bad thought and behavior learned at school.
No matter what color of paint is chosen, it will never change the fact that a turd will always be a turd!! Jackson Lee is a very delusional woman, as are most of her colleagues in the Demorat Party!!
I feel that if a person is caught using taxpayer money, EBT, to buy dope, legal or not, they should lose that "benefit". There are some people out there that REALLY need this and then there are those who just don't WANT to work. It's "free" money. WRONG!! That is hard earned money that was EARNED by hard WORKING Americans! I despise paying for some lazy chowderheads next high!!!
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