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The New York Times Destroys Obama

kcsparky Wrote: Jan 04, 2014 11:03 PM
I won't be happy until the traitorous muslim who is infesting and disgracing the White House and Presidency of the United States of America is thrown through the gates of the White House drive so hard that he skids on his big ears all the way across Pennsylvania Avenue!! And as far as Clinton is concerned......Stevens was getting screwed and Hillary knew!!!
Another Obama financial supporter who was appointed to a position that they were not qualified for, allowed to walk away on the taxpayers backs instead of being fired. Business as usual in the Obama Administration.
Christie is NOT a Conservative, but merely a RINO in a very large suit!
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Bye Bye, Harry?

kcsparky Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 4:17 PM
Darn.....By the headline, I was hoping that Reid was stepping down due to mental or general health reasons.
A representative from A&E was in the room during the GQ interview. This "rep", not once, uttered a thing about Phil's comments or how they may be perceived. Yet, once the interview was released, network officials dumped on Phil. This was a blatant set up by the progressive liberal executives of A&E! In my opinion, this is their way of trying to tame the Robertson's religious views on the show.....which will NEVER happen!! Progressive, socialistic liberals will just never learn! This is going to hit them hard in the wallet!!
Why isn't this felonious biotch behind bars???? Her lying, traitorous boss as well!! have been talking too much for far too long. Quit making accusations against this rotten administration and DO SOMETHING!!! Stop yakin' and file charges.....start impeachment proceedings....just quit flapping your gums and make SOMETHING happen!!!
Not surprised in the least! She followed orders to the letter and lied brilliantly!! Traits that Obama admires the most!
No brain, no pain, no sense, no feeling!! Stoners are just a total waste......sad!! brain, no pain. No sense, no feeling! Stupidity so advanced that it can't be fixed in any way shape or form.
The fruits of socialism!! Hope the wicked witches of the west Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Patty Murray are paying close attention. Doubtful.
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