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I will never stop fighting against sodomite marriage. I don't care if every state is stupid enough to allow it. It is still wrong, just like abortion and look how people are still fighting that.
No one is stopping them from coming to my state and getting jobs. Our state is attracting many businesses and they don't seem to have any problem getting employees.
I believe if my state does not ban sodomite marriage we will have an influx of sodomites with all their problems coming into my state. Our major employer in my city cannot operate without sodomites evidently.
Good comment. Someone should confront Obama with your question. Also, all those women you see promoting abortion, when they become pregnant with a "wanted " child, everyone should tell them that's not a baby you are carrying. I bet it would really anger them then.
You are right about the Republican establishment doing absolutely nothing about spending when they were in power which is why I became an independent or as some like to say, a Tea Party member. Hannity had a good idea on his show the other night. He said if the government cut one penny our of every dollar spent in Washington, the government would be out of debt in three years. They can't even cut a penny out of a dollar. That is just crazy. We must put pressure on our congressmen and women to have some guts and start cutting no matter what groups get all upset.
The government can go bankrupt for all I care. Those of us with jobs and savings will get by just fine. We know how to take care of ourselves. If my social security check doesn't come in, I don't care. If I don't have to use my medicare card, I don't care. People did very well with neither of those for decades and I believe we can do it again.
It's our money! The government has never created one business that makes money. It can only spend what is ours to begin with.
Because the government cannot control our money that way. What, in your life, doesn't the government control in some form or other/
Who laid those maggots, Cliff? The government, especially the out of control Democrat party who never saw a dollar it didn't want to spend.
If the government would stop making me pay for medicare, I could get a private insurance policy, pay cash for my doctors's visits and pay for my medicine myself. If the government had not taken our money for social security and we could have invested the money in mutual funds all these years, we would be millionaires now. But, the government did and does take our money so we have to rely on medicare and social security whether we want to or not. It all boils down to it is the government's fault we are in the mess we are in. They need to stop spending now and that include Obama's and Michelle's lavish vacations.
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