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Judge Upholds Voter I.D. in Pennsylvania

kcr630 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 2:52 PM
Also the 750K number of people in PA without ID is a farce. There are approximately 10 million voting age people in the state of PA (looked it up in the cenus website). That would mean (if all of them were regisered to vote) that approximately 1/13 registered voters in the state of PA do not have a valid ID. Anyone worth having a discussion with knows that is catagorically impossible. You need an ID to: open a bank account, cash a government check, use a credit card, travel on a plane, get a prescription filled, activate a telephone, electric or gas account, be admitted to the hospital, go to an Obama fundraiser..... So don't give me that cra% that these people do not have photo ID - if they get a check from US than they have an ID.

Pennsylvania is on Attorney General Eric Holder's target list when it comes to challenging Voter I.D. laws but a judge has ruled that the requirement of photo identification in order to cast a ballot is valid and has refused to grant an injunction on behalf of a Civil Rights group challenging the law.

 A Commonwealth Court judge denied a bid by civil rights groups to block the new voter identification law from taking effect, delivering a first-round victory to Gov. Corbett and legislative Republicans who pushed the measure through this spring saying it was needed to prevent...