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Go away McShame you weathered old piece of sh itt!
So how did Gillibrand know the insurance status of "all the other mothers" in the emergency room? She said "these are mothers who don't have healthcare". Wow what a lying piece of excrement. First how does she know who has or doesn't have insurance. Second she is assuming all of the mothers don't have health insurance. Third in her neighborhood hospital where she took her son I'm sure most if not all of the "upper crust" mothers had insurance for their children. Just another example of the feel good liberals versus the facts!
Well Manny how could such a blatantly discriminatory law be passed in the hallowed halls of our distinguished legislature? Since Holder never saw a conservative law he didn't feel the need to enforce i.e. DOMA, Immigration, Illegal Gun Running.... Then we as conservative should not have to be suppressed under the yoke of ACA. Let's just pick and choose which laws we want to follow like they do.
So if blacks cannot do any of the other activities that require ID does that make flying, getting prescriptions filled, getting welfare, driving a car all discriminatory? So are we to allow other activities to now not require photo ID since race hustlers and poverty pimps say that the black man is too stupid and inept to acquire a photo ID?
Can't open the Whitehouse for tour for students but we can give $340 MILLION of our tax dollars to these idiots that hate us?????
Stop giving OUR money away to these animals in the Middle East!
Get rid of the RINO's like Grahamnesty and McShame!
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Walk of Shame - List of Names

kcr630 Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 2:57 PM
Really since a vast majority of the soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan have died under Obozo's watch! http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/09/11/Mainstream-Media-Ignoring-Increase-In-Deaths-Wounded-In-Afghanistan-Under-Obama
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