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He isn't a president in name only.. He has his little " corporal" Heinrich Himmler Reid the Nazi Gestapo chief and his nazi senate.. This isn't a vile human he is nothing but a Muslim terrorist. He lies like he pees yellow cowardice, he is a serial lying,racist, blood brother of the Muslim brotherhood murderers. He had proclaimed a allahau ahkabar jihad on this nation., He has literally crapped on the oath he swore to uphold and he doesn't give a damn. He knows know one in this "country" would dare to call him out because he is "black" American supposedly . Their fear and ignorance of anyone I this nation of being " labeled" a racist has made Americans stupid . Who cares what minority he is .. He is a muslim according to him in 2007 and yet again I. 2012 TERRORIST. Time to rid this nation of all enemies within that includes the JUDASES in the Republican Party .. RECALL THEM or VOTE them out. It's up to the Americans to show their courage and backbone to hell being labeled anything .It comes down to our freedoms or the whips and chains of this Muslim terrorist traitor... Signed... A Mom Against. Obama in California
There is people who care Facebook,CongressmenDarrell Issa,Congressmen Jason Chaffetz,Congressmen Jim Jordan, Congressmen Trey Gowdy,Congressmen Scott Desjarlais .these men will listen write them to their offices. If not I. Your state use their own office addressess .I do and they don't care they want to hear from you..SenatorsTed Cruz.MikeLee,Rand Paul want to hear from you... Help join the fight for these moms and dads .and for this country. let's get these traitorous serial killers in front of Congress...Signed.. A Mom Against Obama in California....
To th Liberal troll, They must have your choker chain to tight its squeezing your ignorance to the brim. You might want to rethink your post of lies. First of all he isn't a father,what father would broadcast nation wide its okay if his children get knocked up they can go get an abortion .What parent teaches their children to be gold digging leeches on the taxpaying citizens, and what parents teaches their kids to be racist ?. This is not a parent. And for Obozo care really tell that to the thousands of Americans who have lost their health insurance or have lost their jobs or been cut to part time. Did the Nazi Gestapo Senate have to go on Obozo care does ther free loading tribe in the stink house have t go on it Hell no .You haven't a clue to the "republicans "or anything How could you you have your head stuck so far up that Murdering traitor's backside all you can smell is the murdering Muslim treason .He has declared Jihad terror on this nation . And I guarantee you if his reign of terror continues you chained up ignorant hating Americans .Will be the first one the Nazi Gestapo agents take to the boxcars.Signed.. A Mom Against Obama in California
I bet you all a dollar to a doughnut Nazi Gestapo Head Heinrich Himmler said the same thing to the Jews and to the "German citizenry" they thought inferior before shuffling them like cattle to the slaughter . Harry "Heinrich Himmler "Reid is as viscous and cruel and evil as the Murdering Muslim . But he doesn't hide it . This murdering Muslim hides behind everyone for his Incompetence and total jihad terror on this nation and the constitution. He spits on everyone of us and on the flag. The only thing that positive you can say about him is his gold digging mooch ways is out in plain sight like his carrying the chains and whips to put us in.. Signed ... A MOM AGAINST OBAMA in California ...
Good I hope he CHOKES on it. I hope all the Demorats choke on this. And that America is seeing the Treason and the pure utter bull **** destruction of this nation. At the hands of this Murdering Muslim traitor.. Signed >> A MOM AGAINST OBAMA in California
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Poll: Obamacare Implementation a "Joke"

kcouch Wrote: Aug 09, 2013 6:57 PM
This isn't funny and its insulting to think this Muslim hater of this nation thinks its great.He is delusional by all the bull he gets from his bed buddies,Nanny hag Pelosi,Harry the crook Reid, Johnny White Flag Boehner and let's forget the gold diggers that reside in the stink house. America this isn't funny and its going to further destroy this nation. How many of you are being cut in hours ? how many are going to lose their jobs? I betcha most of you who work for the small businesses Because the mom and pops cannot afford it.And you think the "welfare Rolls" are high now just wait till your out in the cold.Does this Hater of this nation care? Hell no he's off taking another stinking vacation on your dime. How many dimes can you afford to send him and the gold digging moochers tribe in the stink House. ? I don't know about you but the level of ignorance I see is out standing. Go on believe in this traitor who has all but said he 'll by pass the constitution if he has too. This OBOZO CARE is going to bankrupt you if it hasn't already . Are you going to stand there and lose everything you worked hard for? ..I'm fighting everyday for the freedoms I took for granted. Its time for you to get off the pot and take a hard look around open your ears and see the destruction of this nation. And whose to blame? certainly not all the incumbents fault its your and mine for not stopping the IGNORANCE to permeate this country. Keep writing to the Congress write to the conservatives they do listen ... I do I email,face book, call I tell them I'm a BORN AND RAISED AMERICAN Californian . I don't care if their in Texas to Alaska I tell them its their duty as a elected by the people to defend this country from traitors and leeches like in the STINK HOUSE !! ...Signed.... A MOM AGAINST OBAMA
I so agree let's get them"dead bodies floating to the top .. Its time to take old Heartless "what difference does it make Now"Iron faced hag Clinton. Who isn't even considered human she was spawned from beneath the pits of hell.Even old Lucifer himself doesn't want her .Its time we stand up to Communist News Network and N.B.C (I cannot come up with a nicknames for this anti American anti constitutional garbage network? Any Ideas??
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10 Birthday Presents For Our President

kcouch Wrote: Aug 04, 2013 10:12 AM
"d like to slap his Birthday gifts on him with a pair of handcuffs an orange jumpsuit, and a prison term of life in gitmo for the assassination of 4 men in Libya. The I.R.S. scandals, the fast and furious to the murders of border agent Brian Terry, the unnamed A.T.F agent who was murdered in this and the 200 Mexican citizens. Also I'd like him to see from a small screened T.V. in a Gitmo cell .His gold digging Moocherella and his brats and marauding tribe of moochers kicked out on the street with nothing but the things they went in with. packing boxes tossed out on the side walk no govt money nothing ...
Catman2.. I couldn't agree more.. Janet Neo naz politano couldn't even catch the Muslim Boston Bombers and we were warned. As a Californian I worry about her over seeing "our college kids" But at least our nation might breathe easier once shes gone. And just maybe we will get someone in who under stands and follows the laws and constitution of this nation. Now to rid ourselves of the Eric Holders, The I.R.S. the N.S.A. and the state dept. And most of all Impeach and convict this cold blooded murdering Muslim of treason..
When I heard this story on fox about this "enemy" of this nation coming to the Stink House. I wasn't surprised. The lying murdering America hating yellow bellied lily livered Cowardly Muslim traitor ,has denounced the Constitution by his actions. He thinks of nothing about bowing down to the Muslim-socialist to destroy this nation. He started by bowing to these Muslims on his forgiveness mission, by canceling national day of prayer. But then inviting these"Enemies" of this nation to the stink House for their Islamic satanic rituals and diner. He is an arrogant S.O.B.and hater of all things America. Every time he opens his mouth its to destroy what our founding fathers created. When he is called out on his anti America and anti constitutional actions he plays the race card wow the "spawn" from beneath the pits of hell cannot stand the heat? then he needs to get out of the kitchen. And ther Ignorance of this nation to allow him to keep on going is beyond the human mind can absorb. Freeloading has taken an new meaning int his country why work when you can play the race card and get all the freebies on the back of those "TRUE AMERICANS" . We have Moochella and her band of free loading tribe in the stink house . She believes she entitled to all the riches the tax payers can dish out because "America Owes the Black Americans"her words not mine. Well there are many Conservative black American who have worked and sweated in this life to make a life and they see her for what she is a free loading waste of air . Its time to oust these America haters traitors in the Stink House and return it to its Name the "White House" I've written and and emailed and called every Tea Party Congressional Rep and Senator to see the light. There has always been "scandals' but the intensity of this hater of anything American Traitor, has gone beyond impeachment it screams of criminal prosecution . How much more are we going to take when the "enemies" of this nation make Islam and sharia law mandatory?. or the destruction of Israel?. Well according to the word of god Israel will be protected. Let's end this lying cold blooded murdering lying thieving Muslim traitorous actions now. We know his bed Buddy Eric won't do it so it up to yo America are you going to sit back and let the "chains" he wants us be a reality? he edging for it.. How many more "anti American" scandals have to come to fruition before you rise up off your back side? I guess cut off the Free sponge off America
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