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Pollsters May Have Fatal Flaw in Obama Romney Numbers

kchoate Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 7:19 AM
I feel a lot more confident about the 2012 than the 2008 election. From what I saw, most citizens could not discern the difference in either candidate in 2008. There is a clear difference in 2012 and the average citizen must admit that under the Democrats their net-worth imploded, there salaries went down, along with their lifestyle. There is also the question of when these "scientific" polls are conducted. If they are conducted during the 9-5 working hours, then just who are they polling? Either slackers or non-productive citizens at home instead at work. I doubt the veracity of the polls under these conditions. I can't wait till November!
As one who polled the 2008 presidential race extensively, it dawned on me, looking at the various "swing state" surveys taken recently, that many pollsters might be making a significant error that results in President Barack Obama with a lead, when perhaps the lead in reality belongs to Mitt Romney.

When surveys are conducted, the people who are interviewed are randomly selected registered (in a good poll) likely voters who are willing to respond. But that just begins the process. Those responses must then be "weighted" or allocated based on some projected model of past or future voter turnout strength. In other...