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I am on Obama's SPAM list and received nothing in two days. Personally I don't think Romney gave a strong performance in the debate. He held his own, but not decisive. Liberal journalist think differently. Obama was ambushed by clear thinking. If Obama was beat with clear thinking where does the journalists stand on the issue of "clear thinking"? Logic, or anything else?
Does this make it official? Is MSNBC, Mathews and Maddow the apparent propaganda arm of the Obama and the DNC? This is so wrong on a variety of journalistic ethical issues, the media is so fracked-up with their cult-of-personality, charismatic obedience to Obama, they can't even understand why they are failing the consumer and going out of business.
I would of been proud to serve under Col. West. I was navy and he was army, that's how things worked out. We are both united in our love of country and the opportunities given to us. I have reevaluated my thoughts on the NRA, and several issues led to this, the federal governments unrelenting efforts to restrict gun-ownership and the NRA's entrance into my life providing the majority of funding for a state-of-art skeet-range that has brought new challenges and broadened my horizons as a shooter. Well done to all!
Thanks. Chuck! I take back all those things I said abut your Israeli productions! So we have the official DOJ/ATF narrative that the program was to identify and arrest gun traffickers and cartel gun buyers in Mexico, a laudable goal. The reality is that no mechanism was in place to track the weapons in Mexico, much less arrest the criminals. To initiate such a program under these conditions brings grave doubts as to the motives, intelligence, sanity and ethics of the Federal DOJ/ATF.
One thing that needs to be determined is the motive behind the operation. Selling large amounts of weapons to known gun-runners, with no apparent method of tracking the weapons appear as total insanity to the average citizen and begs for an answer as to what the motive behind the operation was. Regards. Lo
Why am I not surprised? Half of the time the state department publicly supports foreign interests instead of American. I am really surprised that a major network is reporting on the subject. From the video, it looks like a miracle that only four were killed. The terrorists did achieve their objective of taking out the US ambassador and apparently took no casualties in the operation. The Feds will probably respond with more intrusive searches at airports and transportation facilities.
What does statement have to do with this topic?
I got into it with the Fed EEOC over some reports from a local government employer. As I was retired I could press the issue without fear of retaliation. An EEOC lawyer emailed me stating that the EEOC had a waiver exempting them from FOIA. This was total B/S and I received the information due to a new HR director that believed public information is public. I do not trust the feds one bit. What's really fracken' scary is the DHS buying over a billion rounds of ammo. I can't wait till November!
I watched in awe as the Democrats applied legal voter fraud in 2000 with the Gore/Bush election. It was a work of artists. Denying military votes and then somehow ascertaining hanging chads for a vote, which is not the law for determining votes. To this day Democrats maintain the 2000 election was stolen from them. This is why I will never vote for a Democrat. I know there are some ethical, honest Democrats, unfortunately your "brothers and sisters" have embraced voter fraud. I can't wait till November.
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Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

kchoate Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 7:53 AM
Going into 2008 I knew McCain was going to lose. There just wasn't that much perceptible difference between the candidates. 2012 is a whole new ball game. I can't wait till November
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