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I have been reading Mike Adams for the last decade or so, and have been in impressed with his with his thoughts and tribulations of a Christian conservative on a liberal university campus. Congratulations on your victory, Mike!
Wo, you might dominate the conversation by sheer weight of your words. That doesn't mean you have a lock on the logic of the debate. what is your motivation behind your thoughts expressed?
This isn't just our educators going liberal, it is also our federal, state and local governments. The EPA is out of control, along with the NSA, DHS, DOJ, TSA, IRS and who know what else? At the federal, state and local levels we have politicians and administrators who cannot even qualify as a dog-catcher (no offense meant to animal-control personnel) running the show. The common denominator appears to be a college education.
What is fracken' amazing is how fast the American news-organizations shut this story down. Friday 3 PM. This story is headlined. By 10 PM Sunday this story is buried, This issue states volumes about the inadequate coverage of subjects by the American media. If the story does not fit the liberal agenda then it gets buried. This sux mates!
The minimum wage push to "equalize" fast-food workers income to match the income of the more skilled, educated and productive workers is pure socialism. Many of those with no marketable or valuable skills made poor decisions that got drove them to their low-paying skills. Everything from not completing high school, drug use, single, pregnant, with five previous children, heavily tattooed, and ambition forsaken for a life of government dependency. The minimum wage demonstrations are all union stunts and one has to wonder how much the unions are paying many of demonstrators. My guess is minimum wage.
Hargh! Its been an amazing five years of politics, most citizen's do not keep up with politics much, and the liberal left media has made the most of it. Over the last two decades most of the American media has progressed to the active political support stage of the radical left. The amount of sheer disinformation is staggering and plays a direct role in the cause of the recession, the continuing economic crises, and the Obama administration woeful incompetence in doing just about anything correctly as advertised. Why do American voters continue to elect an incompetent leader after four years of economic and foreign policy failures. Not just little inconsequential failures, but major failures that lead to billions being thrown away, American ambassadors, citizens, soldiers and Federal agents dead. The American media, AP, Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN have lost almost any shred of political credibility with many citizens, but way too many citizens trust these organizations and fail to understand why their individual or family finances continue to deteriorate with all the warm and fuzzy news about the glories of the Obama administrations initiatives. All these scandals are acquiring a critical mass that unless the American media can defuse, the scandals are going to explode in Obama and the medias face.
Carney is a joke, he speaks that when the congress and senate refuse to obey the majority of their constituents, they are acting for "special interest' groups. Not one stinken' reporter stood up and asked "what about Obama-care in relation to the majority will of the voters?". Obama is talking about unconstitutional "executive orders" that gun-owners and the NRA will go to court over. This is too kewl for the liberals and the media. Background checks for gun owners sounds like a reasonable precaution to most citizens despite the fact that is does not stop anyone, especially criminals from obtaining weapons. The issue will provide a platform for the political pundits and media to bash anyone not agreeing with the illegal "executive order". Then we have the tendency of liberals to "push the envelope" and they will press for executive orders banning high capacity mags and "assault rifles". Obama has proven time again that he is unqualified and far better suited as a Chicago "community activist" than president.
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