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A Campaign of Vilification

kcharles Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 8:32 AM
Thanks Bill. Respect has to be earned. Your article valiates what I have felt about this president and his administration all along. The time is now to take our country back. Restore respect for the dignity of the office as well as our position in the world. Time for the adults to undo the change. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their administration will bring back the dignity of the office and the country. (agree totally with RVNUSC below. Semper Fei)

As Lyndon Johnson told it -- or allowed it to be told in his name -- this Goldwater guy, if given half a chance, would blow up the world. In which case, why shouldn't the voters back in '64 not play it safe and keep LBJ in the White House?

Memories of the infamous Johnson television spot, with its daisy-leaf-plucking-about-to-be-incinerated-by-bad-Barry, cuddly, little girl, cause some of us old-timers to reach for the Maalox. (Small wonder that Barry would later say, talking of Lyndon, "Don't get me started on that SOB.") The debasement of presidential discourse wasn't the only public...