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Now, if she can just teach graduating high school students how to read, so they can interpret these very important and costly government modifications!
Maybe the First Lady should jump on her hubbies bandwagon of free alcohol, sex and pot in an attempt to reach young voters!!
No...Mr. President you did not build that!!
Well, did a majority of these kids parents not vote these idiots into office?? So, they got what they voted for!! But, look on the bright side...now that we have Obamacare in full force they can quit those worthless jobs (for insurance coverage) and stay at home now to homeschool. Also, don't forget that now they can go take those painting classes together that Nancy raved so much about!
If I were the Republicans I would just go ahead and break the rules and report his comments word for word since the Dems and the Boy King seem to be able to break or change any law or rule they deem necessary to advance their corrupt agendas. What's fair is fair.
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Rainbows, Abortion, and Unicorns

kcasteel01 Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 7:02 AM
We are not talking about Ted Cruz here (who, by the way, has a lot more clout than your "Imperial Wizard" in the WH who refuses to explain all of the discrepancies on his concocted birth certificate and who has had relatives residing illegally in the US for decades) but Wendy Davis, your "Mistress of Death". For all of you who support abortion so aggressively...don't you ever feel blessed that your Mothers did not believe in the same murderous principles that you do??
Just another means to create more Democratic campaign funds!!
Obummer and his cronies will never wake up to the facts...it's up to the American people to wake up and do something about it come this November. If the right takes back control of the Senate and maintains the House, then next year's SOTU will be very interesting to watch!!
It's a good thing Pelosi's Mother did not decide to have an abortion, otherwise she would not be present to receive such a prestigious award!
Congresswoman Lee- How about putting more effort into finding a solution to the real problem of unemployment instead of wasting your time attempting to make the problem sound better than what it is. I can't believe you are from the great State of Texas...you sound more like one of your communist California cronies!!!
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