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Obama Proposes Last Minute "Mini Deal," Adding Milk Lobby Bonus

kcalcut Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 10:13 AM
The MILK bill is a perfect example of Government spending in the BILLIONS. I love milk, however I would stop drinking it if the price is $8.00/gal. as the dairy farmer lose money the price will come down. If they can-not produce an affordable product they do not belong in business. I can survive with out milk, so can you.

The one thing I am always afraid of in budget negotiations is that virtually nothing is done, or worse yet, something counterproductive is done.

Obama's latest Fiscal Cliff "Mini-Deal" Proposal is exactly the kind of counterproductive nonsense I am talking about.

Assuming the above Atlantic Wire article is correct ...

  1. The deal would delay or replace the vast majority of spending cuts called for in...