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Six Reasons for Final Weekend Optimism

kbush Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:29 PM
The blame game is one. Its Sandy's fault. The rats are jumping the ship. Losers will never learn. Campaign sources concede superstorm Sandy stalled Romney's momentum. For eight straight days, polls showed him picking up support. The campaign's internal polling, which is using different turnout models than most public polls, had him on solid ground in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa. He had a slight lead or was tied in Ohio, New Hampshire and Wisconsin and was in striking distance in Pennsylvania, a state Republicans hadn't won since Ronald Reagan in 1984. ... But then came something very big: a natural disaster that left a path of death and destruction on the East Coast. Suddenly, there was little talk about small things.
jmc939 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:08 PM
Small things like Big Bird, Binders, BS...And of course the 'Revenge'. It was hopeless at this point for Obama. So, he called his friends at MM and they opened the troll pens in a final act of desperation. In the end though, there was nothing to prevent the coming Republican onslaught. Conceding the failure of his Presidency and campaign, he looked onward to the Congressional Inquiries into his failures at Ben Ghazi.

You already know all the supposed reasons conservatives should feel downtrodden heading into Tuesday: The Obama campaign's balleyhooed turnout machine, heavily Democratic state polls in places like Ohio, Nate Silver's electoral model, and the overwhelming conventional wisdom in the media all suggest the president will limp over the finish line on Tuesday and secure four more years.  I've already written about why I think the race will ultimately hinge on turnout and enthusiasm, both of which could break either way in three days.  But while liberals attempt to sow seeds of despair -- perhaps in an act of Freudian...