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Black Conservative Kira Davis Responds to Toure

kbrackett Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 8:13 PM
You say to remember history and then clearly ignore the most important decade which saw passage of the Voting Rights Ac and the Civil Rights Act. After their passage the Dixiecrats within the Democratic Party began to migrate over to the Republican Party having felt betrayed by their brethren and feeling a kinship with the Republicans who had a higher majority percentage voting against both Acts. Having lived my entire life in the south I can honestly say that the Dixiecrat racists didn't suddenly lose their hatred overnight , they just switched parties and shifted everyone to the left and that's why everyone on the extreme far right are all Republican racists. Jeb Bush is a moderate Republican and he's not racist.

Kira Davis, a conservative black blogger and activist, has issued a powerful response to Toure's asinine comments about Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and race.