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Judge Upholds Voter I.D. in Pennsylvania

kblank Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 7:09 PM
You need to be 18 to vote and need proper I.D. to prove you are old enough. Just like going to a bar, buying cigarettes or alcohol, people well into their 30's have to show I.D. On the grounds of age alone I.D. should be necessary. Women and African Americans who were CITIZENS had to fight for their right to vote. It's completely degrading to all they went through to just allow ANYONE show up and vote.

Pennsylvania is on Attorney General Eric Holder's target list when it comes to challenging Voter I.D. laws but a judge has ruled that the requirement of photo identification in order to cast a ballot is valid and has refused to grant an injunction on behalf of a Civil Rights group challenging the law.

 A Commonwealth Court judge denied a bid by civil rights groups to block the new voter identification law from taking effect, delivering a first-round victory to Gov. Corbett and legislative Republicans who pushed the measure through this spring saying it was needed to prevent...