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My life expectancy is significantly longer in the hands of one as a non-Jew and non-muslim.
I think he will be put on trial and if so, I hope he is acquitted. Whether people can face facts or not, Brown attacked Wilson by shoving him back in his car and punched him, resulting in a blow-out fracture of his orbit -the bones that support and hold the eyeball in place in the skull. He attempted to shoot Wilson with his own gun and apparently claim to have proof Brown had his hands on that gun -probably Brown's prints on the gun. There are witnesses backing up Wilson's version of events about Brown ignoring Wilson's order to freeze and instead charging him. One said he was sure Wilson had been missing him because nothing fazed Brown until the head shot dropped him 2-3 feet in front of the cop. No word on the Tox report which may help understand Brown's behavior but after seeing how he used his size and strength to intimidate the much smaller convenience store clerk and smashed the cop's orbital bones, calling Brown a "gentle giant" is a sick joke at best. I'm waiting for the day people understand why the publuc is urged to wait for the complete investigation instead of this mob mentality and assuming everything worth knowing is already known. No, it wasn't. Both Brown and Wilson have a right to a full independent investigation free from interference from out of control mobs and internal pressures to come to a prejudged result. The irony is after blacks had been so often the victims of lynchings in the past, many were demanding the lynching of Wilson. If your kid doesn't know how to avoid being shot by a cop, now would be a good time to let them in on the secret -and point by point let them know what Brown did every step of the way that only kept increasing the likelihood he would be shot -until there was no other option left.
If they make unsubstantiated comments like that then the next time someone can use that as a source that "proves" it is true. That's how it works -make a bold claim without a shred of evidence to support it and as put it out there as if it is a given just as much as "the sun rises every morning". Then they use each others' statements as proof in the future when they repeat their claim. And never once back it up but ends up accepted as "fact" by the intellectually bankrupt. Simple. First rule of Marxism and endorsed by that scum sucking bottom feeder Saul Alinsky-if you repeat a lie often enough, it will be believed. You use the lie put out there by another person to back up your own repetition of the lie and claim it proves it is true. They come out like cockroaches when trying to get a lie accepted as "fact" and must be stomped each time before it reproduces. Lying as a political tool to manipulate and deceive people is a main staple in the Democrat arsenal -they are the ones who think their agenda is just so...noble-y and all, their ends justifies the means.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

KayLJ Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:15 AM
Those who saw a dead black and an alive white cop wanted to leap to conclusions by assuming facts not in evidence and did so for their own agenda. Michael Brown attacked the cop, shoved him back into his car where he proceeded to shatter Wilson's eye socket and nearly shot him with his own gun. When a dazed Wilson started to give chase yelling "freeze-freeze" and Brown chose to turn around and charge him instead, there should be no surprise Brown was shot. The myth being fed is that white cops are frequently shooting blacks and it is false. Part of the reason this blew up is because it so rarely happens and is NOT routine. But it turns out that just like nearly every other time a cop shoots and kills someone, anyone with even a marginal IQ can identify what the individual did to insure they would be shot. And I can with Brown too and as resistant as some are to dealing with reality, so can everyone else. If your kid doesn't know how to avoid getting shot by a cop, this would be a great time to let them in on the secret.
Your right to have your legally cast vote undiluted by fraud is greater than an imaginary "right" to demand you just accept my unverified word I even have a right to vote still all. Leave it to Democrats to insist their constituents are just too incompetent, too stupid or too lazy to be expected to get an ID because we ÁLL know it has nothing to do with being poor -because they have to have an ID to apply for welfare, food stamps and any other government entitlement. So what is their REAL objection to having an ID to prove you are who you claim to be when it comes to voting? Again, we ALL know what's really behind their objection.
Actually he is correct that conservatives tend to be better educated, Think about it -it isn't hard to grasp while claiming the left is better educated is laughable on its face. The left is composed largely of lawyers and high school dropouts with not much else in between. They either have a law degree or are lucky to have a GED. Cher, a 10th grade drop out, has the education level of the typical liberal and the typical Hollywood celebrity. Those trained to be dependent on government and believe the promise of a minuscule raise in their government handout is worth their vote are not the well educated in society. The average conservative has at least 2 years of college and is more likely to have 4 years college than have nothing more than a high school diploma. It is what it is.
What is it these idiot celebs don't get? You can't promote peace unless peace is on the agenda of all sides. I suggest they all read Hamas' charter document Covenant of Hamas which lays out its purpose for even existing and its goals. Not only is peace not on their agenda, it is SPECIFICALLY REJECTED. In other words -you can't promote peace when one side has already said there will be no peace and any "peace talks" only served to benefit the infidels pushing them but would never be accepted by Hamas. So those insisting Israel must allow Hamas to exist are pushing the very side that insures the highest number of casualties. You want PEACE -then destroy the ONE group in the way of it, the ONE group that has specifically rejected peace and vowed its only goal is to destroy Israel and kill Jews everywhere - and grind them into dust.
These are people convinced of their own superiority and the pure mobility of their agenda, they believe their ends justifies any means. It exposes the real nature of their agenda in the process and the fact it's core is built on nothing but sheer contempt for the people whom they fully believe are stupid and incapable of making good decisions for themselves. They believe that are fully justified to lie to stupid people then if it deceives them into making the "correct" decision -and of course the "correct" decision is only the one that leaves them as a ruling elite with ever greater power. See how that works? Udall HAD to lie because it was really for our own good. As a Marxist defines "good". They believe they have a right to rule and NOT that they must earn the informed consent of the governed.
These people have really adopted the notion of replacing our system with a Chicago-style thugocracy and make sure we all get any of those icky thoughts about liberty and freedom out of our heads. The idea corporations exist to be "patriotic" could come right out of the Communist Manifesto. They exist to make a profit and if they don't, they disappear. Along with every single job they created in their effort to try and make a profit. The biggest loser every time a business fails is government which loses all the tax revenue it was collecting from every employee in addition to taking corporate money it could not use for R &D, outdated, worn equipment and the creation of even more jobs. I take issue with a backward tax system anyway that discourages productivity, savings and hard work in the first place when one based on consumption would bring in greater revenue and those paying the most would always be the rich who would be doing so voluntarily and not because government was being used as a thief in the belief it somehow cleanses the act of stealing from others.
Government forcing people to violate their religious beliefs is a human rights violation. Apparently some have become so base and so greedy they can only recognize it when other governments do it. Once a people fail to realize real rights are that which protects us FROM government and pretend rights are merely whatever goods and services they happen to covet today and want to demand government force someone else to pay for, the demise of that nation is guaranteed. Its replacement is invariably just another historically proven failed totalitarian state where people can enjoy an existence as state owned property where they need not be burdened with having to run their own life anymore.
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