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The Government's Newest Black Box: Charging You For Invading Your Privacy

KATZ Wrote: May 04, 2012 11:52 AM
Since these stinking parasites live off the taxpayers and since they have bankrupted the country with their waste, excesses, and luxurious lifestyles, while seeking to imprison us, we need to permanently implant 'black boxes' into their bodies. Then we can monitor their activities and save money and our own lives. How about modifying those boxes so that when a non-allowed activity is undertaken, an electric shock is delivered? After three transgressions/day, the parasite is removed to one of the FEMA gulags for either execution or re-education. Then we could see some good for all of the money these freaks have stolen from us. I wonder if the FEMA gulags already have gas chambers?

If you have a spare minute, you might want to swing by the website of the Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance. It’s a nifty watchdog group that hasn’t gotten nearly the press it should. In addition to building the Museum of Government Waste, the Alliance has currently set its sights on Senate Bill 1813 which is brought to you courtesy of Barbara Boxer. The TPA has set up a page on its website urging people to take a pledge to oppose SB1813.

By way of a brief review, SB1813, which incidentally allows the IRS to revoke your passport, also mandates that...

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