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Piers Morgan On Romney’s Olympic Gaffe: Actually, Everything He Said Was True

KATZ Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 11:33 AM
No one can tolerate hearing the truth anymore. I guess that we must be a planet of chronic liars. Perhaps Romney made these comments because he has been in the position of being responsible for the Olympics and knows where the pitfalls are. I know that, even though I don't care much for Romney, I've certainly heard worse comments by those in the current administration and I don't think that Romney's remarks were all that bad.

Katie already brought this story to your attention but since it's the weekend -- and I think it's important -- I'm also going to write about it. Anyway, I’m sure regular readers are well aware by now that Mitt Romney is making headlines across the pond -- and at home -- for some impromptu remarks he made during a recent interview with NBC’s Brian Williams in which he gratuitously criticized Great Britain’s handling of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Here’s the painful clip: