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It is unfortunate that the parents are even more stupid than the children because a thinking adult can tell his/her child that this Green business is foolishness. The same adult can refuse to patronize restaurants that promote the Green industry with coloring pages, etc, for children. Further, an adult who has the IQ of a bowl of Jell-O can go to school board meetings and tell the school to knock off the propaganda. Sadly, there seems to be a lack of real parents in this nation.
Perhaps this is why I think that this nation is no longer worth fighting for. When a clown like this is elected not once but twice, I begin to believe that American treasure should not be wasted on our population.
Obama disrespects everything good and decent about this country because he is neither good nor decent. It is so unfortunate that he does not have enough sense to stop disrespecting our military.
Isn't that the truth! It makes me sick at my stomach. And to think that Godzilla Obama is concerned because the fighting forces need fewer calories in their diets....
I beg your pardon? This creep cares not one whit about any member of the military, see Benghazi, see Marine holding umbrella, see 'forgetting' to salute Marine. How about messing with the retirement benefits of the military? Obama has never defended this nation in any way, nor would he do so. Speeches my a**. Actions speak much, much louder than words on the teleprompter.
I wish the Syrians would keep McCain. He has overstayed his welcome in this country.
A bunch of Democrat lawmakers have encouraged the IRS to target Conservatives, too. Perhaps they should be thrown out of office.
The problem with things like this is the unintended consequence. If people want this type of activity to occur, why not create another category of worker, say, a euthanasia technician. This keeps both medicine and nursing out of areas that are, at the very least, questionable and, at the very worst, criminal. The unintended consequence is that this law will be abused. If you do not believe that, take a look at the numbers of murders being committed by the hospice 'nurses.' The hospice movement started out to be a good idea, too, however at least in some places it more closely resembles Murder, Inc.
When there are neither Conservatives and Regressives, what will there be? Robots?
This is yet another bunch of BS from this mob of thugs in the Senate. The whole bunch of them needs to be sent home, without pay. I think these folks have done enough damage to this nation.
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