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Maybe Christians should change their ways and start flogging, stoning, and beheading. Do you think there would be support for this type of diversity?
Too bad Obama does not take a Midnight Ride on this winged horse. Maybe we could get rid of him and blame it on his phony horse. A wing failure, maybe?
It's pretty bad when those men who defend America's freedoms, with their lives and their blood, are denied those very freedoms. It is also pretty bad when the military command issues such bogus cr** to our troops. I thought the military was above this, but obviously I was wrong. I would gobble food like a fiend in front of these stinking Muslims and tell the command where to go. This bunch is not worth taking orders from.
These jokers are not 'journalists' they are clowns. Who cares what they say about anything? Who listens to any of them?
Suppose we just deport Obama and all others who support this open borders mess. This bunch of criminal clowns can then go destroy nations other than ours.
Wah, wah, wah. Whining and bawling is the new great American pass time for miscreants, malcontents, minorities, and morons. Enough, already. How about majority rule?
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Betsy Ross, Meet Cinco de Mayo

KATZ Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 4:41 PM
Cinco de Mayo should not be celebrated in any American school. This is BS. The students who should have been told to cease and desist were those Mexicans who were busy rabble rousing instead of learning to speak English. They need to return to Mexico. Immediately.
This type behavior is indeed terrifying. I've always been worried that pamphlets with pro-life messages would be left under my office door. Others in my department were equally frightened; my colleagues have had a total of 40 abortions performed over the course of their lives and are proud members of the Serial Killers Association. Hopefully security personnel will quickly apprehend the fiend who prefers life over death,
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Air Force Cracking Down on Christians

KATZ Wrote: Sep 10, 2013 12:02 AM
Since this is basically a Christian nation, it is not the business of Ovomit or any of his sickening minions to dictate religious belief. There are faiths that are Christian faiths but there is no such thing as 'gay marriage.' All persons who are being tormented by AF dykes or others need to immediately file suit against them. This type behavior needs to be be stopped so that the American people are not being persecuted by perverts and radicals.
This corpulent, corrupt, incompetent sow needs to shut her fat mouth and run hide in the closet. She also needs to be dragged into Congress to answer questions related to Benghazi; she has done nothing but lie through her teeth about the entire situation and is responsible for the deaths of Americans. Who cares what she thinks about Syria or anything else?
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