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I agree with this thug about this. The standard should be lowered to zero. 'Civil Rights' cases are nothing of the kind because this concept has merely become a bludgeon used anytime Sharkton and his buddies want to make headlines and torment others by destroying their reputations and rights..There may have been a need for this type legislation 50 years ago, but I believe those injustices have been corrected and now 'Civil Rights' is just a catch-all term for miscreants, rabble rousers, and malcontents used to justify bad behavior and garner attention. Thankfully Holder is out and we will never have to listen to him again. I think he is probably the most corrupt AG ever to leach off the American taxpayer.
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Susan Rice: Choking on a Gnat

KATZ Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 1:00 PM
I wish this sow would choke on a hunk of pork. It is hard to believe that a nation such as ours would allow a national leader to appoint a totally unqualified partisan hack such as Rice to a position of importance and influence. This is another indication that we have hit the bottom of the barrel and are sinking even further.
Once again, much to do about nothing. Everything Rudy said is absolutely the truth and much of this 'truth' can be found in Obama's writing and his speeches. No one tries to 'fundamentally transform' that which he loves, nor does one do any of the other misdeeds committed by Obama against this nation and her citizens. And as if that were not bad enough, everyone who surrounds Obama feels the same way, including his wife. One would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to believe that Obama feels anything for this nation and her people except, disgust, disdain, and downright hatred and it is well documented that he was reared amongst anti-American misfits. The Libs can bellyache all day long, but that does not change the fact that the president is who and what he is. And it is high time that someone addressed it.
If indeed the pope is a Christian who believes in the divinity of God, how can he attribute something as foolish as 'man-made global warming' to man? I suppose this is akin to his non-belief in free speech. I think the pope should stay in Rome.
I couldn't agree more with his imperial righteousness. As a matter of fact, I am offended by the topics he has been choosing and would like to say that this type speech needs to be censored at once. Shut up, pope. Any further comments by you should be specific to the Bible and not to Karl Marx.
Maybe Christians should change their ways and start flogging, stoning, and beheading. Do you think there would be support for this type of diversity?
Too bad Obama does not take a Midnight Ride on this winged horse. Maybe we could get rid of him and blame it on his phony horse. A wing failure, maybe?
It's pretty bad when those men who defend America's freedoms, with their lives and their blood, are denied those very freedoms. It is also pretty bad when the military command issues such bogus cr** to our troops. I thought the military was above this, but obviously I was wrong. I would gobble food like a fiend in front of these stinking Muslims and tell the command where to go. This bunch is not worth taking orders from.
These jokers are not 'journalists' they are clowns. Who cares what they say about anything? Who listens to any of them?
Suppose we just deport Obama and all others who support this open borders mess. This bunch of criminal clowns can then go destroy nations other than ours.
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