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it all comes to interpretation. Once a person gets around LGBT Christians, the inevitable outcome is questioning what they THINK the BIble says and they go back and look and those living verses actually come to life and give life. I do not deny ONE word. I am a TRUE Christian. I know and love God's LGBT children. I am educated and aware of science and what is happening in this arena. I believe people THINK they are loving and it is not God's definition of love, or the target's definition. But it makes some Christians feel good and validated in their discrimination.
They RARELY want to be closely examined. Some of the "bigger" names in this admit being bisexual in their past before they got married. Not a big deal to marry a partner of the opposite sex when there is some level of attraction. Joe Dallas, one of the bigger money makers in this (his wkends with couples costs $$$$$) is bisexual. Alan Chambers, head of Exodus, is admitting in 20 years, he has not seen change in orientation in 99.9% of the people who have gone thru Exodus. Sy Rogers, another, was not gay. He is trans. People who *say* they change, RARELY invite the examination of the house of cards.
This weekend in LA, a taped session happened between a group of people who have been subjected to ex-gay therapy and some leaders of Exodus. Exodus is FINALLY admitting that there is NO change in sexual orientation. They should know, that is the business they have been in for 37 years. And, even after this airs as part of a bigger piece on reparative therapy, people here will STILL say they know better than the experts and medical professions. You might have to just admit you don't like gay people rather they say they are deviants that can be fixed. Tough days ahead for those that hold onto their fears and discriminate out of fear and hate.
welcome to the beginning of the 20th century. I hope your appreciation for other areas of medicine and understanding have transcended to the 21st century.
EDUCATION -- sexual orientation from homosexuality to heterosexuality are normal variations of human sexuality. Repeat, repeat, repeat until you understand and DO educate yourself. You are speaking out of the ignorance of 1950. Sixty years of understanding have zipped by you. Education.
OR, get educated about it. The conflict, confusion and pain are rooted in the non-acceptance by people who do not understand it. People that come to accept who they are in their sexual orientation do very well and that wellness is greatly increased by those around them who also understand. The consistency of your comments show resistance to understanding and that will not serve for your personal growth, the safety of those around you and the increase in compassion in society. They way you understand it -- is go be in relationship with people. I have no idea the year your friend died, but if that was in the epidemic height, there was too many dynamics at play to isolate his. I know this issue well.
It would take someone no older than ten to read your comments and see the poison. The #1 group of people in the world with AIDS are heterosexual women in marriages. You should take some time and read and get educated. Maybe going to a local AIDS facility and listening would help educate you and honor your friend. Or watch a documentary. "We Were Here" is a good one. Time to turn that anger and hate to compassion and good?
And what "boundaries and responsibilities" have people that seek marriage equality asked to be exempt from? They have been exempt from 1,138 protections, responsibilities and rights by being denied marriage equality. If you REALLY did care so much to protect your friend that died, would it not have made more sense for him to have been in a committed marriage with a man? Do you care more about keeping marriage restrictive than you do saving the lives of other peoples' best friends?
It was an infraction of the State Business License agreements. Who is being "persecuted"? A person who agrees to serve ALL or the person not being served? Compliance with state law by a business seems appropriate.
Let your friend remain buried and move to doing good with knowing what drives people to risky behavior -- shaming, stigma and silence. You continue the cycle that kills others peoples' best friends. And sadly you do not realize this. You are prolific in your anti-gay venom.
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