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Right, Johnson ran against Goldwater as a Dove and turned out to be a major Hawk. I've read that Johnson had some very colorful expressions. When asked why he invited a previous enemy into his inner circle he commented: "I'd rather have him on the inside peeing out than the outside peeing in".
The Republican party is in deep doo doo, if there is so much disagreement on a Conservative website. Let's all continue to disagree and we'll keep the Marxist in power forever. If we want a Libertarian candidate in the future, let's start promoting that person and the ideal NOW, not during the election year.
At least Romney loved this country. You don't seem to get it. You supported the biggest gov't neocon of all (Obama) by diluting the Republican vote.
I thought we were over blaming Bush. The last 2 years of the Bush Administration, the Democrats (Dodd and Franks to mention a few) had control of the House and Senate. At this point they are now approaching 7 years of not only no improvement, the economy has gotten worse. Let's get real!!
Sure lets vote all over the map. I'll take Gingrich. You take Ron Paul. Someone else takes Romney and we won't be able to gather enough collective votes to win. Lets all shoot arrows at each other while the Democrats sit back and laugh. When we finally get a candidate, we should not coelesce around him like the Democrats did with Obama. On election day,let us sit around and pout and refuse to vote for anyone who is not our perfect candidate. We certainly do not want another Big Gov't Republican. Now we are stuck with a Marxist, Big Gov't Democrat. Thank you very much.
How could Romney convince anyone with little or poor TV or Newspaper coverage!!! One local paper 5 articles on both candidates. 3 were on the Democrat and were all positive. 2 were on the Republican and were negative. The negative news on the Democrat failed to surface. The positive news on the Republican failed to surface. It will take a miracle for a Republican to win in the future. The 47% got out to vote. Those who don't work, have nothing better to do, so they voted. Gov't employees got out to vote for their jobs.
Totally agree. Would have paid a bundle to see a Gingrich/Oblamer debate.
I imagine that Romney is pretty happy he lost. He can go to Disney World, pump gas and anything else he wants to do without a gaggle of Secret Service and other hangers on. Obama will never be able to go to a movie, bar, out for pizza, a hamberger by himself.
Romney could not do miracles with the Republican party, which is so splintered, I see it going right down the crapper. One smarty pants told me he couldn't comprimise his values and vote for Romney, so he voted for Ron Paul. So, Mr Wonderful gave his vote to Obama. Democrats coelesced around Obama. Republicans were all over the map. The primary season was negative and ugly and provided a great deal of fodder for the Democrats. The strategists and ad folks had an easy year.
Oops!! Should have read further down.
Our Family of 4 is the subject. I would have myself last if I had used a parenthetical comment, but it wasn't really necessary. Jackie mentions graciousness. Would be neat to see more of that on various blogs. Why do people always have to criticize?
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