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Excellent post XJNYC1!!!! Something I read quickly and it got away from me was that Scott Walker commented (paraphrase) that he was not going to say negative things about others, but was going to stay positive and say what he could do. At this point, I'm thinking RAND/WALKER.
The Bush brand is probably damaged, but would anyone want to be judged based on their brother or sister? You can have 5 siblings and they'd be totally different from each other. Also wonder how the Phyllis Schafly and other Democrats can call Republiicans elitists when you regard the president's $38,000 a plate fund raisers and the bevy of uniformed flakey Hollywood elitists, who should stick to their make believe worlds.
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Obama Saluted Marine With a Coffee Cup

kathybgc Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 9:43 AM
Ignoranus - Someone who is stupid and an AH.
I agree! Louie the last and Marie Antoinette!!
Forget the story!! You can derrive some conclusions from the story, the blog comments, and keeping generally informed. Obamacare does not exist in a vaccuum. We have learned and will continue to learn that it has widespread impact. Taking money from Medicare and giving it to Obamacare, has impact on Medicare and thus the Senator lost his Oncologist. So, the story is not BS. This can be explained to you, but you have to be able to comprehend.
To Clog, Let's give you points that Coburn is a poor example, because he can apply for Medicare (please note there are also changes in Medicare). We already know there are people out there who have no coverage. Their insurance was cancelled, they signed up for a paid for coverage through the enrollment website, but they have no idea if they are insured. Let's now supposed Coburn is 63 rather than 65. He loses is oncologist and is not elligible for Medicare. There will be many folks in this situation, Senators or not Senators. He is lucky he has the money to keep in cancer doctor. Most people are not that fortunate. We will all learn in some way, that you might be "covered" under ObamaCare, but will not receive "care".
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