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Obama Saluted Marine With a Coffee Cup

kathybgc Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 9:43 AM
Ignoranus - Someone who is stupid and an AH.
I agree! Louie the last and Marie Antoinette!!
Forget the story!! You can derrive some conclusions from the story, the blog comments, and keeping generally informed. Obamacare does not exist in a vaccuum. We have learned and will continue to learn that it has widespread impact. Taking money from Medicare and giving it to Obamacare, has impact on Medicare and thus the Senator lost his Oncologist. So, the story is not BS. This can be explained to you, but you have to be able to comprehend.
To Clog, Let's give you points that Coburn is a poor example, because he can apply for Medicare (please note there are also changes in Medicare). We already know there are people out there who have no coverage. Their insurance was cancelled, they signed up for a paid for coverage through the enrollment website, but they have no idea if they are insured. Let's now supposed Coburn is 63 rather than 65. He loses is oncologist and is not elligible for Medicare. There will be many folks in this situation, Senators or not Senators. He is lucky he has the money to keep in cancer doctor. Most people are not that fortunate. We will all learn in some way, that you might be "covered" under ObamaCare, but will not receive "care".
I've thrown away all my Bruce Springsteen, Strisand and other CDs by liberals. Will skip movies with Clooney, Pitt,Jolie, Streep, Baldwin and other liberal actors. Probably going to have to skip Stephen Spielburg. Now working on determining the political outlook of Stores that I buy from including catalogs. Decluttering and saving money.
Piers is going to go around for the rest of the day with righteous indignation over being accused of standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook children. Wonder why the left is so prone to righteous indignation? They can certain dish it out, but can't take it back.
Angie74 and Dave1605 - Love your comments!! Wish there was a search function to sort for your comments and a few other good ones. Keep up the good work.
Oops!! I see the neocon is in my post. Would you believe that I didn't write that word?!?!??!
I did not write that Obama was a Neocon???
Okay, I'll word it in a more simple way. I'm not your sister, Bub!! You have Democrats and you have Republicans, Other, and Non Voters. The Democrats will vote the party line, because someone in their family has always done so and because their union tells them to, and they don't read the papers anyway. If you have 13 voters and 6 vote Democrat, 4 vote Republican (which at this point is the only other party) 2 vote Other and 1 does not vote, the Democrat wins. If you wanted Obama to win, then you did the right thing by staying home.
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