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Come on now, Obama is busy....dodging Intel Briefings.
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Why Obama Wants America to Fail

Kathy240 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 3:35 PM
Yikes! This picture of Hillary must have been taken before her, latest, face-lift. If the American people put the the Clintons back in the White House we are moving to New Zealand!
The answer is term limits for all of congress...by way of the voting booth! Two terms and you're out! If 8 years is enough for the Prez, it's enough for the congress-critters.....no more career politicians!
According to my favorite conservative talkshow host, Roger Hedgecock, this POS computer program for ObamaCare was built by, not the USA, but from Canada! Please say it isn't true....this just gets worse and worse.
Just like when they gave the thing to President Obeyme....a prize for something the recipent might, or should, do....not anything that had been accomplished. Ridiculous!
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