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School Pays Contractor $55/hr for Secretary to Open an Envelope

Kathy119 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 1:37 PM
Good grief, do you ever get tired of repeating the same rhetoric? This ridiculous line about protecting millionaires and billionaires - they already pay the overwhelming majority of taxes in this country. At what point will it be enough? I have never heard a single person state that once they pay XX% then it will be enough. Because you will never be satisfied. Stop with the envy and get to work so maybe you can pay a lot of taxes one day too.
Sometimes private contractors see schools and their multi-million dollar budgets as great sources of potential revenue.

And because schools rarely employ people with business sense or experience, they sometimes hire contractors to perform major projects without seeking competitive bids or doing thorough background checks on the companies.

Then the cost overrun bills start arriving and more tax dollars than necessary go out the door.

In Hillsborough, New Jersey, school board members were recently “shocked” and “insulted” that the district’s architectural contractor recently submitted invoices totaling about $19,000, according to the Hillsborough Beacon.

Apparently there was some confusion about what...