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Sorry, it's Leslie Marshall....
James Carville is so irrevelent that Fox hired him as a "consultant" too, along with Alan Colmes, Leslie Nielsen, etc., proving again it is getting harder and harder to find Demorats who will defend their party in public. Extinct? Hide behind Hillary's pants and watch!
You are right about one thing Barry, change will NOT come from Washington, it will come from the American People....we have already stopped you from bombing a country we have no interests in; immigration "reform" looks dead in the water, for now; we are pusing the ObamaCare debacle to the limit to call attention to the fact that it has NEVER had a majority approval of the people and all provisions will have to be delayed [till the cows come home, or at least till we get a Conservative in the White House] and I believe you are going to have to, soon, cave on the pipeline too...we will have our own oil, natural gas, JOBS and and White House open to us again....and you WILL have your legacy...the worst president, ever.
...and a lying sociopathic former secy of state who is already campaigning to be the next Progressive in Chief. God help us.
Excellent y'all.....one down, 49 to go.
It's the other 4% we need to be concerned with, Carlos?
Sorry, but If you think this historical illiteracy is just in California, you are as clueless as these morons.
Can't wait.....you go girl!
NOW we know what happened to Holly Paz. After her presence at the first of the congressional oversight committes, she dropped off the radar. Now we know she was whisked away to learn talking points for the latest 'stupidity excuse" in the government scandals. Guess she got the short straw.
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The Left's Strategy: Crush Fox News

Kathryn130 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 3:46 PM
Want a straw for that kool-aid you're drinking??
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